The Growth of Todd Lubar in the Mortgage Banking Sector

Todd Lubar is currently the President and CEO of TDL Global Ventures, , a company that aims to help develop other startup companies. He also serves as the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. Todd always had a desire to help others and a passion for real estate. Therefore, he embarked on a lifelong career in the industry in 1995.

Todd’s initial venture into business saw his serve as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, where he learned different Mortgage banking models. Additionally, he spent his time in developing affiliations with CPA’s and financial planners.

The Career History of Todd Lubar

In 1999, Todd Lubar got an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. The position gave him a chance to expand his lending capabilities such as brokering loans to external investors and lending as a direct Mortgage bank.

In 2002, Todd upgraded his real estate company and opened Legendary Properties LLC, a residential development firm. The above establishment facilitated a fast progression of purchasing and profiting on over 200 transactions that range between single-family dwellings to multi-family properties. According to Linked In, this further enabled him to develop relationships with individuals in the real estate sector, which was necessary to provide quality products.

In 2003, Todd opened Charter Funding, a branch of First Magnus Financial Corporation. His experiences in the Mortgage Banking Industry enabled him to expand his real estate business since he had access to various products and programs.

Legendary Financial LLC

Todd observed the real estate market for more than 12 years. He was responsible for assessing the underserved clients in Legendary Property LLC. As a result, he established Legendary Financial LLC, which is an affiliate of Legendary Property LLC, a commercial lender for companies and individuals.

Before Todd started Legendary Financial LLC, he used his money, alongside Legendary Properties liquidity, to assist borrowers who had been ignored by traditional lending sources. However, his involvement in more than 7,000 transactions ( ) has given him a chance to improve his ability to analyze risks that are associated with loans.