Stream Energy Stands with Hurricane Harvey’s Victims

Houston and other parts of the Harris County are reeling from the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Harvey, which struck Texas starting August 25, 2017. Hurricane Harvey ranks second to Hurricane Katrina as the costliest natural disaster to have ever hit America. The disaster destroyed over 135 thousand homes, displacing 13 million people. Southern Texas, Southeast Texas, and other areas hard hit by Hurricane Harvey reported losses in excess of $125 billion. Read more about Stream Energy at US Chamber Foundation.

With the adverse impacts of the disaster evident, Americans came together in solidarity to heal and rebuild the affected areas. Individuals and businesses across the country generously contributed to victims through the American Red Cross. Stream Energy, a Dallas-based firm with business interests in the affected areas, donated $25,000 to help the residents of Southern Texas. The company, in addition, accepted donations on behalf of the American Red Cross. What’s more, the firm announced it would not disrupt it services to clients in the affected areas in case of delayed payments. View the Company reviews at

Southern Texas and the Houston metropolitan area are homes to thousands of Stream Energy’s customers, and hundreds of independent associates, who are part of the company’s marketing strategy. The associates have been instrumental in marketing Stream Energy’s services—energy, wireless, protective, and home services—through direct selling. The company rewards them with free services, income, bonuses, etc., based on the number of new clients they bring to Stream Energy.

Stream Energy came to life in 2005 and has since expanded to become a national entity, with operations in seven states. The firm’s rapid growth can be attributed to its unique direct selling program that does not demand investment on the part of associates. People cherish opportunities that they can earn an income without risking their hard-earned money, and that is what Stream Energy is all about. The privately held firm will continue to impact lives through its services, philanthropy, and programs such as annual Ignition Convention and Women of Power Retreats.