Securus Technologies: Opening a new Business Unit

Securus Technologies has expanded their business. The company has been known all throughout the North American continent as the leading communications provider for prison and other related facilities. The company has been creating software and devices that are permitted to be used inside the premises of a correctional facility, and one of their most popular products are the video calling technology and the voice calling technology. Their video calling technology is even praised by the jail authorities across the country because of its ultrafast speed, and some are considering replacing the traditional face to face visits with the video calling technology from Securus Technologies.



The company has grown into a multi-million dollar business, but they thought that investing in a new business unit woud give them additional revenues. Recently, Securus Technologies announced the acquisition of GovNetPay, a popular payment platform that is being used by more than a quarter of the total number of counties in the United States. According to Robert E. Pickens, the decision to purchase GovNetPay came after the company realized that they would need an additional source of revenue. They thought that purchasing the payment platform would be beneficial for them and for the public, because of the high revenue that it will produce, and at the same time, the new convenience that they can provide to the public.



Securus Technologies is proud to say that with the current technology they have on their hands, GovNetPay will be able to process payments in a short amount of time. They are looking into processing more than 40 million payments per year, and they can see that the number of people who are using the platform will increase after the acquisition. GovNetPay is being used to pay for government imposed taxes, fees, and fines, but Securus Technologies is looking for additional services that they can add to the platform.