Securus Mobile App Grows in Popularity

One of the biggest challenges that prisoners face is not being able to contact their family or speak with loved ones on a regular basis. While all prisoners are able to take advantage of limited visitations from loved ones, getting to a prison on a regular basis is a challenge for many people and inmate phone calls lack personability. While connecting with prisoners can be a challenge, many people are now able to take advantage of technological enhancements in the mobile industry which provides a significant amount of convenience.

Within the last year Securus Technologies has released a new mobile application that family and friends of prisoners are able to take advantage of. The mobile video visitation application can be used on any mobile device from the safety of their own home. Users are able to video chat with their loved ones while they are away in prison. The prisoners are typically placed in a dedicated area of the prison where they are provided with a monitor allowing for face-to-face communication. This has made it much easier for inmates, family members, and prison employees to facilitate communication.

The company has provided a number of different tech products, which have been used by over 3,400 different public safety, law enforcement facilities, and prisons across the globe, which have helped to serve over 1.2 million prisoners. 



Note: Securus Technologies is in no way affiliated with the Securus health product nor the Securus America site.

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  1. So far the application has been downloaded over 65,000 times, making it more successful than any other similar applications provided. This is not the first time that Securus has provided applications for the prison industry. It is for sure that thesis best way of handling this would be writes essays about Securus to them.

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