Robert Ivy Honored With Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

On April 11, 2018, Robert Ivy was awarded the Noel Polk Award for a lifetime of achievements. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters organization presented his award. For Robert Ivy, it is the first time that an architect received such honors. The Award generally is given to Mississippi patrons and artists with a lifetime commitment of having performed, created, or supported art in its various forms.

As such, Robert Ivy joins the ranks of a handful of Mississippians honored with the same Award. Other Mississippi recipients include actor Morgan Freeman, writer Eudora Welty, writer Shelby Foote to name several. Robert Ivy has long sought to make architecture more accessible to people. He is currently the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. He writes, edits, and continues to practice architecture.

Robert Ivy has also helped to advance AIA’s global footprint. It now has the highest membership level since being founded 160 years ago. Many American architects are making a considerable impact around the world. This is due to a number of AIA chapters in countries like China and Canada. Ivy has a vision that is helping propel his industry forward. Tomorrow’s architects will have to engage on so many new levels. Global warming is an impending consideration, and buildings of tomorrow must be designed in a different manner with climate change in mind.

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Robert Ivy stands out among architects who absolutely commit to making buildings more accessible to the general public health. As such, architects will also design buildings with an occupant’s health in mind. Community will continue to be a major consideration in how buildings and structures are designed.

Looking at Ivy’s lifelong commitment to architecture and its advancement, it is not hard to see why he was chosen for the award. Ivy earned his English degree from Sewanee; the University of the South. He also received his Master of Architectural degree from Tulane University, and was a naval officer before becoming an architect. He is also an author of a biography.

Robert Ivy is a solid example of what education, experience, and vision can accomplish. It is also important to note that people like Ivy do not look for rewards. They are simply committed to a cause they are willing to pursue for an entire lifetime.

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