Flavio Maluf Providing Tips to Entrepreneurs to Achieve Success

Flavio Maluf is the President of one of the most successful conglomerates in Brazil manufacturing insulation products. The company has recently acquired a production plant in Botucatu in Brazil, which Flavio Maluf says would help the company become one of the biggest manufacturers of fibreboard and paint in the country. Also, it would help Eucatex to enter many new international markets, which would considerably help the revenue generated by Eucatex. Flavio Maluf says that the increase in the production capacity with this acquisition would also help the company in expanding its market domestically. Eucatex gave a farm to Duratex in return for the production plant it acquired in Botucatu. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

Flavio Maluf as a successful businessman often shares his business insights in the interviews he gives. Recently he talked about how one should approach becoming an entrepreneur. Flavio Maluf said that most of the people who want to become an entrepreneur make some very common mistakes, one of which is thinking that it would be a bed of roses and a lot of money. However, the truth is that as an entrepreneur, you might not achieve success for years, and may not make any money at all for many years, if at all. Flavio Maluf also shared some tips about how one can be more productive at work, and one of the first tips he emphasizes on is that the person should not be distracted by their smartphones too often.

Most of the employees at workplace these days are found swindling with their smartphones too often than earlier. It is known to hamper the work culture in office, and also the overall performance of the company. Flavio Maluf said that people should be more focused at work and ensures that they can achieve their targets on time. Respecting deadlines and ensuring that the work is completed on time would help the person achieve their professional goals. Flavio Maluf says it is also essential for the professionals these days to be more open-minded and allow new ideas and methodologies to germinate in the workplace. It would help the people to be more creative and innovative, which would also assist with achieving success. Visit: http://www.dino.com.br/releases/flavio-maluf-e-sua-trajetoria-profissional-flavio-maluf-e-presidente-da-eucatex-brasil-dino89063425131



NGP VAN: Not only helping, but on your side every step of the way

In 2008, something big happened. Not only was it a presidential election year, but we elected the first African American president. This marked change in the American society. A long time ago, there was slavery on our land. People thought that black people weren’t as equal to the white man, and thus, treating them like animals.

A Black man in the oval office shows how far we progressed. We went from owning people to owning our freedom.

Barack Obama didn’t do it on his own. He had a ton of help. Form volunteers, to multiple organizations.

One of them is called NGP VAN.

According to their website, they say, “NGP VAN is the leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, offering clients an integrated platform of the best fundraising, compliance, field, organizing, digital, and social networking products.”

They have helped many Democratic candidates be elected into office, such as Senator Elizabeth Warren, to even President Barack Obama.

On their Facebook page, they are very active. But they posted a video that shows pride.

The video is titled “Powering Progress in 2017”, and it shows their true positional.

It starts off by telling us that we have had a big year. We have had the women’s march, and many protests to defend our freedom. It has been a huge year, not just a big.

We turned that energy into politics and turned it into votes. We had republicans scared and almost won.

Because of one thing that they say.

We never gave up and kept going for the next day.

We kept fighting. We organized organizations, we recruited volunteers, and we turned people to get involved who have never done so.

NGP VAN has been there all along, helping the way for the simplest organization. They help Democrats get into office, and help them change America.

You can visit their website at https://www.ngpvan.com/.

If you want to make a change, you need to be the change.



“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” and a dark take on American politics

This March, Sean Penn released his new book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” and he sat down with Trevor Noah and Vogue Magazine to discuss the book. Penn told Noah that the book basically wants to look at the “dark side of human nature” in which humans can easily find an interesting fascination to fascism. In the interviews, Penn talks about his anger towards certain American policies and this seems to reflect in the book. The main character is Bob Honey, an angry American, who has a side job of killing older Americans with a hatchet. He feels that the people he kills are standing in the way of progress and change.

Penn told Vogue that the books draws parallels to the #METOO movement, and this seems clear when the reader sees Bob witness current events. For example, Bob talks of seeing the 2016 Presidential election, and later on in the book he even writes an angry letter to the elected president of the U.S., telling him that he is not fit for public office. The similarities in this part are clear. Penn tells Noah that the book is meant to talk about peoples feeling of a need to serve their country and to help the country, even if their purpose or direction is misguided. This seems to be the reason as to why Bob is killing seniors, in the name of “progress.”

Aside from these issues in the book, Penn gives a background to reasons as to why he wrote the book. He talks about his anger towards president Trump’s actions and talk towards Haiti. He also brings up his close friendship with the late Hugo Chavez, and how he feels that democracy is not always the best in the world. He ends up by bringing up his interview with el Chapo and how he doesn’t support the war on drugs.


Louis Chênevert Talks Teamwork

Louis Chênevert retired from United Technologies Corporation in November of 2014. He started with the company in March 2006 as a director before becoming the CEO and President in April 2008 and then in January 2010 a chairman. Before becoming a director at UTC, he held the position of President at Pratt & Whitney from 1999 until March 2006. The 14 years prior to Pratt & Whitney were spent at General Motors where he held the position of Production General Manager at their St. Therese location.

Louis Chênevert received his bachelor’s degree at the Universite de Montreal in production management. Louis Chênevert has been an American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics fellow since being inducted in 2005. In 2011, the University of Montreal presented Louis Chênevert with an Honorary Doctorate. Recently, in 2017, he began serving the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation as the Chairman.

Some of the reasons Louis Chênevert believes he has managed to achieve success as an entrepreneur are his ability to retain strong focus, his passion, optimism, and the fact that he has no problem spending as much time as he needs pushing his agenda in order to accomplish his goals. He also knows the importance of teamwork when it comes to achieving success and he makes sure to surround himself with winners and people who are as driven as himself. By making sure he is around people who want to succeed as well as making sure his teammates have whatever they need to accomplish their goals, he and his businesses are able to deliver on their promises to their customers.

While employed as a first line supervisor at a General Motors plant, he learned how important it was to listen to the people at the company. Louis Chênevert thinks that most people want to make a difference, but management won’t take the time to listen to their ideas. In order to obtain success, Louis Chênevert believes you must have a good team and know how to work together successfully.


PSI Pay Offering The ‘Ring’ Deal In Cashless Payment

Lines in banks are becoming smaller in each passing day thanks to the introduction of a paperless system of payment but this also being phased out. The introduction of wearables as a mode of payment has seen the plastic money also phasing out. PSI has also joined this bandwagon with the help of Kerv by introducing the Kerv Payment Ring. This will be a ring that will enable the users to pay seamlessly without revealing their bank details. There will be no use of a PIN or sign anything. How does this Kiev Wearable Contactless Ring compare to the current plastic money?

This is a question that most people that are a bit anxious to join the payment are asking. A research contacted a while back shows that most people are carrying less cash and need a system that is hustle free. Secondly, the ring reduces the long line in the bank and reduces the security concern that many users doing banking using plastic money have. Processing challenges is also a major concern for companies like RBS, NatWest, and TSB facing such challenges. However, the main concern on the PSI-pay supported Kerv wearables is accessibility, convenience and security problems.

The rig offers the solution to this concerns. First, it is widely accepted by over 38 million places and individuals globally, with a low transaction of only £30 which lowers risk of theft. Secondly, the card is also acceptable in different places where goods and services can be paid for. Thirdly, it is linked with other forms of payment making it more accessible. Lastly, it regulated by the FCA regulations which should calm down the fears that some might have.

The company at the center of all this is the PSI pay is an online payment service company regulated by FCA. It is authorized by FCA under European Union electronic money regulations of 2011 for the issuing of electronic money. It has partnered with other companies and business around the world to make their company the best in the world. Truly, with the strict protocol employed by different institutions, maybe biometric is the next step in verification but for now, the furthest we have gone is what PSI Pay is providing.



Paul Mampilly: Precision Medical Technology Industry Leader

In his newsletter, Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly has stated that a revolution is about to occur in the medical sector of the global economy. This is due to advances in a particular type of medical technology referred to as precision medicine. Precision medicine relates to the ability to analyze a patient’s DNA, use the information obtained through this analysis, and custom creates an individualized medication in order to treat an individual. Conventional medical technology relies on a one-size-fits-all approach. This has created significant advancements and today many diseases and ailments that were once life-threatening or capable of being treated. However, there are still many diseases that as of right now have no treatment protocol. Precision medicine promises to develop treatments for these currently untreatable diseases. Read more about Paul on Interview.net.

Paul Mampilly is a senior editor for Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Banyan Hill Publishing Company is one of the world’s most respected publications on investment and trading advice. They employ a global network of investment and trading experts in a number of sectors of the economy. Paul Mampilly, in particular, focuses on creating investment advice that is usable by the average everyday investor.

As an investor himself Paul is able to display an astounding level of both personal and business success. He has worked in investment since 1991 whenever he started as an assistant portfolio manager on Wall Street for Bankers Trust. Over the course of his career, he has served in a number of roles on Wall Street including hedge fund manager for a $6 billion firm.

Today he spends most of his time publishing for Banyan Hill Publishing Company and working on his personal blog and newsletter. His recent statements about precision medicine were incredibly bullish about that sector of the medical field. The ability for a physician to custom create medications for the individual has the potential to revolutionize disease treatment completely. Diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and even arthritis could be treated using this method. Meet the experts on Sovereignsociety.com.

The particular company which Paul has recommended individuals invest in and the precision medical field is based out of the Midwestern United States. Its name is Myriad Genetics. This company is not just a personalized medical company but also a diagnostics company. They are able to analyze a person’s genome and test them for potential disease susceptibility as well as give estimates on the likelihood of treatment success for these diseases. Currently Myriad is the leader in the precision medical industry.

Learn: http://releasefact.com/2018/03/paul-mampilly-advises-subscribers-invest-precision-medicine/


Robert Ivy Honored With Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

On April 11, 2018, Robert Ivy was awarded the Noel Polk Award for a lifetime of achievements. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters organization presented his award. For Robert Ivy, it is the first time that an architect received such honors. The Award generally is given to Mississippi patrons and artists with a lifetime commitment of having performed, created, or supported art in its various forms.

As such, Robert Ivy joins the ranks of a handful of Mississippians honored with the same Award. Other Mississippi recipients include actor Morgan Freeman, writer Eudora Welty, writer Shelby Foote to name several. Robert Ivy has long sought to make architecture more accessible to people. He is currently the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. He writes, edits, and continues to practice architecture.

Robert Ivy has also helped to advance AIA’s global footprint. It now has the highest membership level since being founded 160 years ago. Many American architects are making a considerable impact around the world. This is due to a number of AIA chapters in countries like China and Canada. Ivy has a vision that is helping propel his industry forward. Tomorrow’s architects will have to engage on so many new levels. Global warming is an impending consideration, and buildings of tomorrow must be designed in a different manner with climate change in mind.

Follow Robert Ivy on Twitter

Robert Ivy stands out among architects who absolutely commit to making buildings more accessible to the general public health. As such, architects will also design buildings with an occupant’s health in mind. Community will continue to be a major consideration in how buildings and structures are designed.

Looking at Ivy’s lifelong commitment to architecture and its advancement, it is not hard to see why he was chosen for the award. Ivy earned his English degree from Sewanee; the University of the South. He also received his Master of Architectural degree from Tulane University, and was a naval officer before becoming an architect. He is also an author of a biography.

Robert Ivy is a solid example of what education, experience, and vision can accomplish. It is also important to note that people like Ivy do not look for rewards. They are simply committed to a cause they are willing to pursue for an entire lifetime.

Check more about Robert Ivy: http://www.architectmagazine.com/awards/robert-ivy-receives-noel-polk-lifetime-achievement-award_o

OSI Group: A Century of Quality

A large part of operating a successful business is selecting other companies that will provide you with effective service and quality of product delivered where they are needed and on time, to your other facilities along the chain of supply. In 1909 Otto Kolschowsky opened a family owned meat market and butcher shop in Chicago, Il and became an important part of that process.

In the auspicious year of 1955 the shop owner’s sons were approached by Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s, who presented the son’s of Otto Kolschowsky an opportunity to provide fresh beef for his restaurant chain named McDonald’s. Having obtained such a lucrative copportunity Otto & Son’s were on their way becoming the OSI Group. As a service provider of quality beef many business’s like theirs benefited from a new process called Cryogenic Food Processing invented in the early ’70’s. It allowed for faster production without loss of product quality. Not much later, in that same decade, the company name officially chanaged to the OSI Group. The year was 1975.

One of the largest companies of its kind the OSI Group provides more than 60 types of high quality food stuffs including beef, sausage, pizza, dough products, and many more to their customers around the world. June of 2016 saw the OSI Group purchasing a Tyson’s food plant located in Chicago, which had been scheduled for closure, and would have meant unemployment for many. However, as the OSI Group had bought the facility to augment the service of other local branches of their business they hired many of the remaining employees.

Worldwide more than 20,000 people are employed by the OSI Group in a variety of fields. The company, through its web site osigroup.com, encourages persons seeking employment to take a look at available positions at their many facilities around the world. If you sign-up on their job site they will even send out e-mails to inform those interested about positions they my wish to apply to.

In 2016 Forbes’s ranked the OSI Group as being the worth more than 6 billion dollars and one of the largest privately owned companies of its kind. Quality of product and excellent service to customers account for the companies nearly centuries long existence. OSI Food Solutions (UK), a OSI Group counter part, received an award “exemplary management of environmental risk”. They remain a glowing example of how to treat their customers and their employees to this day.

Read More: www.forbes.com/companies/osi-group/

Rodrigo Terpins Maintains Pulls More Fans To His Side

He is also one of the most celebrated and decorated Brazilian Rally heroes. Rodrigo Terpins was born in Sao Paulo in around 1977. He is reported to have had a liking for cars since he was a child. He is not alone on the racetrack. He is flanked by two other brothers who have interest and take part in the various rallies. Michel is one of the most conspicuous of the siblings on the motor rally scenes. He has helped Rodrigo Terpins to achieve respectable positions in the various prototype T1 races organized by Rodrigo’s company and a couple of other sponsors. Michel is an accomplished rally hero himself. He is on the same team as his brother Rodrigo in Bull Sertoes competitions.



History abut Rodrigo Terpins



Rodrigo is 41 years old. He grew up playing and learning motor cars, something he is still fond of to date. He attended Hilaire University where he got his degree in management and Corporate Governance. He juggles his work schedule in such a way that he manages both rallying and running the company without hitches. He has taken part in various competitions with his brother Michel as his navigator. He has also posted impressive results in the Bull Sertoes Rally in the recent past. He has been honored severally as one of the finest T1 drivers. Indeed, Rodrigo is a crowd-puller. One only needs to be there when he revs his engine to the ramp, ready to start or when finishing a race. He has become a household name in Brazil. He is adored by his peers and the younger generations alike. His following seems to be growing by the day. His youthful age is a sign that he hasn’t pulled every magic move from his bag yet. Check out odiario to know more.




Rodrigo on Social Media



Rodrigo Terpins has struck a rapport with most Brazilian rally fans. He has fived accounts which he uses to connect with the public. He maintains a professional stance, even on social media. He uses his Tumblr account to update his Motor rallying calendar. Rodrigo also has Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram accounts. He uses his other accounts to respond to questions and concerns that his fans may raise. Rodrigo maintains a friendly demeanor which tends to endear him even more to his fans.


The Successful Jeff Yastine & Banyan Hill Publishing

Jeff Yastine’s Background & Career History

By all accounts, the business of financial advising and investing in unarguably one of the most challenging fields to work in. If we have to list all the working industries in the world, from most demanding to least demanding, the financial advising field would definitely be towards the top of that list. TO further drive the point, there are not too many experts in this field who turn out to be extremely successful. Worth mentioning, this is important to understand because it allows us to appreciate the careers of professionals such as Jeff Yastine, that much more. As for Jeff Yastine, he has built a career for himself as one of the most highly-regarded financial experts in the entire industry. Needless to say, this is speaking volumes about Jeff Yastine and his brilliant abilities to succeed in such a challenging field. In fact, not only has Jeff Yastine managed to thrive as a financial expert, he has managed to make a name for himself by establishing a great status for himself. As great as that sounds, there is so much more to Jeff Yastine’s success. In addition to this, Jeff Yastine has years of experience to his credit. In reality, there isn’t much that Jeff Yastine has not accomplished as a financial expert. His hard work and dedication year after year is just one of the many reasons he is as respected as he is in his profession. With that said, and to further understand how he has managed to achieve so much in his accomplished career, here is more on Jeff Yastine and his role at Banyan Hill Publishing. More info about Jeff Yastine at tumblr.com

More on Jeff Yastine and Banyan Hill Publishing

As alluded to before, Jeff Yastine has reached the high status he has today in many ways. However, perhaps his most successful and recognized contributions have come from his role at Banyan Hill Company.the company Banyan Hill, which is one of the nations leading sources for investing and financial advising, has benefited greatly from Jeff Yastine efforts. As editorial director and prominent executive of the advising company, Jeff Yastine has made it a priority to help the company succeed. It goes without saying that he has succeeded in those efforts. All in all, Jeff Yastine has earned all the recognition he receives. He is a true professional that will surely succeed for many years to come. See more: http://releasefact.com/2018/01/jeff-yastine-highlights-little-known-industry-with-tremendous-potential/