Mike Baur the Inspiration Entrepreneur

Mike Baur is a seasoned entrepreneur poised to help other young entrepreneurs to develop their entrepreneurial skills and to have better training for entrepreneurship. To do this, Mike founded the Swiss Startup Factory to help and provide the necessary training to young entrepreneurs who major in technological innovation and Information technology. (Samstag, June 18, 2016, 2016). Having served in Swiss private banking industry for over 20 years, Mike Baur has the skills and the network needed for the fundraising and financing entrepreneurs.

This vision of helping other entrepreneurs through financing necessitated collaboration Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory founded in 2014 Zurich with other top companies like FUSION; a company that fuse entrepreneurs with the fintech talent to boost their innovation in the financial sector. Through the collaborations, Swiss Startup Factory has developed a three months Startup Accelerator program. This Swiss Startup Factory program has facilitated the development of many digital entrepreneurs by providing the young entrepreneurs with financing, mentorship, coaching and office space for their startups. It is in fact, due to his commitment to the course of uplifting other entrepreneurs, Mike Baur through the Swiss Startup Factory runs the acceleration program on annually. This in effect produces on a yearly basis, young entrepreneurs who after passing the selection get opportunities to showcase their ideas to Europe’s most successful investors, corporates, and other interested partners.

The selection process of the best 30 entrepreneurs is conducted through a concept called Start summiteer Contest which goes for about three rounds. From the first selection, the selected candidates are then invited for a second selection process where each entrepreneurial candidate is given a 3 minutes presentation and 3 minutes question and answer sessions. After the presentation, the investors and the successful business persons then select the best 16 entrepreneurs who then get financing, network with others, coached and mentored on useful entrepreneurial skills and get the full media attention. Nonetheless, the other entrepreneurs who do not make it to the final level, also get trained and coached on areas which need improvements to attract investors to invest in their projects.

Of importance, is that this platform is created to ensure that all the entrepreneurs are given equal opportunities to showcase their idea projects. And to ensure equity to all the entrepreneurs in the Start Summiteer contest, entrepreneurs from across every firm and from all over the globe are welcomed to the contest.