Mighty Fortress Church Invites All for Easter

Easter is one of the most significant celebrations

of the Christian believers. In fact, it is the second most celebrated ceremonies by Christians after Christmas. It is a period when Christians convene together and contemplate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Easter period is a recognized holiday in the United States as well as many other nations of the world where Christianity is deep-rooted. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at mightyfortress.us.

The Mighty Fortress International Ministries wants to make this year’s Easter celebrations memorable. They are inviting anyone who is interested in their church this Sunday to celebrate the rising of Christ Jesus. The Sunday fellowship of the day has been dubbed, “He’s Risen.” There will be loads of other festivities after the main sermon is complete. All these festivities will be pointed towards remembrance of the death and rising of Christ and the impact of this on every Christian’s life

The Mighty Fortress Church have organized for Three choirs to lead in praising God during the ceremony. Some of these choirs include the Bishop’s choir, Children Ministry and the Preached Word of God. All these choirs have been preparing for music pieces to mark this significant event in the Christians calendar. There will be refreshments for adults before the fellowship. Those in attendance are also advised to delay after the fellowship is over as there will be refreshments.

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The church intends to make this day memorable to anyone who will turn up for the celebrations. They have made arrangements to ensure that the church environment is as serene as possible. This is intended to provide an atmosphere that is suitable for praying, repentance, forgiving and sharing problems. The day is also meant to bring an air of acceptance of the diversities in color and races. They church organizers have done everything that is possible to ensure that the visitors and the members alike will leave feeling blessed and rejuvenated. Therefore, this is an occasion that any Christian irrespective of the denomination should attend. They have opened the door to anyone who wants to share the gift of having Christ as their savior.

The church is located at Excell Academy For Higher Learning. This building is at Suite 107, 6510 Zane Avenue North Brooklyn Park in Minneapolis. Those who encounter problems locating the church are free to consult the church administration through the number 763-535-9096. The church also has an active Facebook account that can be helpful to anyone seeking directions. Those who may not manage to visit the premise can follow the proceedings on the church’s website. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.