Krishen Iyer Interview Recap

Krishen Iyer is an important partner with Managed Benefits. He’s in charge of helping the company’s clients with their marketing needs and growth. Krishen Iyer has an extensive background in marketing and this allows him to provide each client with individualized plans and strategies for their company. Before his rise to corporate success, Iyer was a student at San Diego State University and before that he went to Grossmont College. He received degrees in public administration and urban development.


During his academic studies, Krishen Iyer started fine honing the skills that make him successful today. His detail-oriented mindset, professionalism, and his unique leadership skills all began to form during his academic studies. Today, they have made him a highly successful businessman.


Krishen Iyer recently sat down for an interview to talk about what made him the success he is today and why he chose to partner with Managed Benefits and move on from Quick Link Marketing.


When asked about what gave him the idea for Quick Link, Iyer responded by noting a general lack of real marketing solution services and decided to jump on the opportunity to provide the much needed service.


Iyer maintains a strict schedule for his business days. He gets all of his interfacing work out of the way in the early morning. By doing so, he leaves the majority of the day open to really focus on his client’s needs. It’s this professionalism and care for his clients that sets him apart from the crowd.


Krishen also values communication to an intense degree. For Krishen, communication is how ideas come to life. Having lots of people with varying perspectives come together to collaborate and provide feedback is one of the key factors in making an idea a reality. That is Krishen’s point of view on the matter, of course, but something that most people can agree with.