Kheradpir and Coriant

Coriant was founded in 2013. However, that was not the origin of its technology which had been around a few years. Its technology (optical transport network) was first formed in Munich, Germany in the 1990s. Throughout that decade the technology developed astronomically until it was recognized that an independent company could be formed whose sole concentration was that company. On May 6 of that year it was purchased by Marlin Equity Partners from Nokia Siemens Networks. Since that time Marlin has merged Coriant with two of its other acquisitions: Sycamore and Tellabs. This huge combined company makes and sells both hardware and software for optical transmission.

And as large as it already is, the company continues to grow and expand its technological expertise. The leadership are not satisfied for it to plateau in grow, even if it is at a very successful place. As part of its growth, it has hired new leaders capable of leading the way for a growing technology company. In September of last year, Marlin hired Shaygan Kheradpir as its new CEO and Chairman of the Board. By this time, Kheradpir had already been associated with Marlin for several months, lending his considerable expertise in the field. The two parties had greatly impressed each other. Even with a very extensive history as a leader of cutting edge technology companies, Kheradpir was attracted to Marlin.

In turn, the Marlin leadership also became greatly impressed with Kheradpir. So impressed was Marlin that it became obvious to them that he was the man to lead Coriant into the future. As Coriant’s CEO, Kheradpir will be tasked with growing the company to even greater heights and strengthening its customer service. Pat DiPietro, Coriant’s former CEO, will assume the vice chairman of Coriant position and resume his place as Operating Partner of Marlin. Although there are critics of the newest hiring, the Marlin leadership remains confidant that Kheradpir will drive Coriant into future success.

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