How Is PSI-Pay Influencing The Financial Industry Trends

Most companies offering financial services have embraced technology to provide simple analytic reports and also to improve their services in a more efficient way. Some of the companies in the financial technology have developed mobile apps that enable clients to perform transactions in restaurants and shops efficiently. Banks have also proved more welcoming to digital financial solutions that continue to phase out the traditional payment practices.


One of the notable companies that have adopted financial technology is PSI-Pay, the world’s leading payment Solutions Company based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2007, PSI Pay has come a long way into becoming one of the most prestigious players in the European Fintech industry. Its success has seen it gain the licensing to offer debit cards and prepaid cards and other electronic payment methods across 173 countries.


Contactless payments

PSI-Pay is also a member of the MasterCard since 2009 and has been offering MasterCard services in the European Union. Recently, PSI-Pay joined hands with K Wearable and developed a contactless payment ring. The ring enables its users to make payments in Europe and the UK by directing the ring to the card readers that accept MasterCard contactless payments.


The company’s managing director, Phil Davies, and has played a crucial role in ensuring the company remains relevant and profitable in the Fintech industry. Before joining PSI-Pay, he juggled between his mechanical engineering profession and other positions in the financial sector for close to two decades.


Reshaped customer experience

When he took over as the MD, he worked relentlessly to reshape the company rejuvenate the customer experience. He has also worked hard to ensure a comfortable workplace that guarantees employees flexible working hours and other benefits. Under his leadership, the company has recorded tremendous growth and success.


According to Phil, the company outdid itself and exceeded customer expectations with the launch of the contactless ring payments. He, however, goes on to promises to introduce even more revolutionary payment processing solutions and even more solid security systems for the payment apps, debit and credit cards. His company is also believed to be testing the use of artificial intelligence and big data analytics on their platforms in a bid to come up with better solutions for some of the common challenges facing the digital payment structures.