Highland Capital Co Founder James Dondero

James Dondero is a well known finance entrepreneur who currently runs a top called Highland Capital Management. Over the course of his career, he has built and developed on one of the most comprehensive financial services firms in the world. While he has established himself as a leading entrepreneur in the field of finance, he is also a very well known philanthropist as well. James actively participates in a number of charitable activities when he is not working. He regularly makes contributions to causes such as healthcare, education, community affairs, public policy and veteran’s affairs. With his assistance, a number of organizations have been in position to better help make the community a better place for everyone. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Dondero has spent over two decades running a financial services firm. Prior to owning his own financial services company, James worked as an analyst and an investment officer for a number of years. These experiences were able to help him get a firm grasp of the financial industry as well as how to operate a top firm. He would later use these experiences to start up an insurance company and then expand it into a financial services firm. Follow James on Linkedin.

During his career, James has been involved in a number of charitable activities. One of the most well known causes that he has given to is education. He has provided funds to local business schools in an effort to improve their curriculums as well as provide students with the opportunity to get better job placement. Another cause that he has contributed to is healthcare where James donated funds to organizations such as the American Heart Association. With his contributions, he has been in position to help people overcome cardiovascular conditions. James Dondero has also contributed to helping veterans get access to the healthcare and job training they need in order to adjust back into society.

The most recent charitable cause that James has contributed to is helping raise a $1 million grant for a local Dallas organization. Recently, James attended a luncheon and urged the attendees to contribute to this fund in order to help an organization get the funding it needed to help the community. This organization looks to provide assistance and support to those who have been victims of family violence. Fortunately for James and the community, the organization was able to come up with the $1 million and help people better cope with the family violence that they have experienced.

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