Greg Secker is Taking Busines to the Next Level

Greg Secker is highly known for his job roles that he plays as being a master trader, entrepreneur, international speaker, Philanthropist and his number one job, which includes him being a father. In 2003 Secker was able to proudly found the Knowledge to Action Group. This happens to be a group that includes several companies including; Johannesburg, Learn to Trade, Sydney and Manila. Secker is also able to be the founder of The Greg Secker Foundation, which is a nonprofit foundation that helps to improve people’s quality of life all around the world.

The beginning of Secker’s career started with Thomas Cook Financial Services. After having worked there he then decided to move to the foreign exchange business so that he could run a brand new business that was called The Virtual Trading Desk. It so happened that at the time VTD was the very first real-time online Forex trading platform. The platform made it to where customers were able to quickly receive real-time quotes.

Greg Secker was able to amazingly start up the company Learn to Trade in just 3 short months. It was within 13 years that the company grew to have offices located in Australia, London, the Philippines and in South Africa. Throughout the years well over 200,000 individuals have been educated through the Learn to Trade program. Through The World Finance Magazine, the company was amazingly awarded as being the Best Educator.

Secter is known for being one very passionate man when it comes to Philanthropy. This passion really showed in 2017 when he happened to be nominated for position 151 by Richtopia. Also in 2017 Seckor was amazingly recognized for the role that he has in the Outstanding Individual Corporate Leadership. Many People look upon him in the Philanthropy community, knowing that this is one passion that he is not going to give up anytime soon.