Get to know Arthur Becker in 3 minutes

Becker is right now in Madison Partners, LLC administration group. An organization that concentrates on early stage Bio Tech endeavors and real estate. Before that, he was the CEO of Zinio, LLC the world biggest computerized stand. Arthur Becker has likewise worked for NaviSite; a NASDAQ organization offered hosting services, web administrations, and colocation to business in the UK and US in 2002-2010. NaviSite had workplaces in India, UK, and the US and offered cloud-based application management and data hosting services to the enterprise market.

According to Arthur, the idea of Madison Partners LLC came from his interest in real estate and technology while at NaviSite and ZINIO. After selling NaviSite in 2011, he decided to venture into his property interests by investing in a condominium development in Miami, New York, and Florida. He adds that he has been fascinated by the numerous opportunities in the biotech and the chance to make a significant change in humanity.

On how he brings his ideas to life, Arthur says he is most effective when working with individuals that he respects in both technology and real estate. He says it is fascinating to be a realtor. There are different stages of development – from the design, entitlements financing to the actual constructions.

On the trend that excites him, he says many trends excite him in the biotech world. He mentions cancer treatment as one of them

One habit that makes Arthur productive as an entrepreneur

Arthur Becker says that one of his biggest challenges is balancing the drive and passion with critical thinking. He says that his ability to assist and evaluate the growth of management talent is what has made him successful. He adds that listening to colleagues, having a flexible strategy and intelligent and informed tenacity are crucial for business people.

According to The Real Deal, on one approach that has helped him grow his business, Arthur says he has always had a plan that reflects the business vertical. A strategy that recognizes talent has been key too. He says that persuading talented people to share your vision can be tough so you have to know how to identify talent.