Eric Pulier Has A Talent For Technology And Innovation

Eric Pulier is known for many things today and is a recognized entrepreneur, innovator, author, and philanthropist, not to mention a man dedicated to his family. Part of his dedication to working hard and achieving success is providing a better future and world for his kids. He has become an expert at mixing his technological skills with business and starting up his own companies, all of which have turned out to have some form of success for him and helping others. This has allowed Eric to make a different in many difference to both the business world and the community. Since Eric was very young he has always had a strong interest in technology, working with computers and building his first one when he was just 9. It was this passion for technology that would ultimately grow and find him a place in the world. After Eric finished his academics by completing his studies at Harvard University, Eric got working on his entrepreneurial ideas.

It was during this time that Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles, California where he would begin his career and start fulfilling his desire to help others and be a successful businessman. He went on to create his first business, People Doing Things, which was dedicated to finding solutions for complex issues in healthcare. Today, Eric has managed to create or found more than a dozen different companies, which have generated hundreds of millions worth of revenue. Eric also believes in the need for failure, because it is through failure that one learns to get better and improve on their mistakes. All people who are successful in business have experienced failure at some point.

The amount of success Eric has achieved has had him in both the public and private business sectors. today, Eric Pulier is dedicated to helping people be better informed and make better decisions in business. Eric wants to help people and improve on situations all over the world, not just for himself and others out there, but for his family as well. In the Future, Eric will continue to be part of many philanthropic activities by involvement of technology.