Down size your To-Do list with Upwork

Life can get quite hectic especially when you are distracted with all the tasks ahead of you. Upwork can help you accomplish these task with 10 simple steps.

The first step is to clear your head by writing down all your tasks. Seeing your lists helps free up your thoughts.

Next, it’s recommended to have your list prepared in advance. This provides direction and a purpose for each day, allowing you to use your time on your tasks instead of planning.

It’s critical to keep your notes, to do lists, and tasks all in one place. This makes life simple when you can find everything in tool.

You also need to assign a time for each task, including a specifying a start time and a duration. This will force you to be more accurate and stick to the schedule.

Setting priorities to a task allows you know what’s most important. Keep in mind you will need to re-evaluate to try and determine why you keep procrastinating a task. Is it really needed, does it add value?

Next, you need a way to delegate to prevent tasks from getting lost or forgotten. If you use ClickUp it will make your life easier while including comments and an Assigned feature. Another great way Upwork is helping you is unpacking big tasks that seem overwhelming into several smaller sub-tasks which are much easier to tackle. Each sub-task you complete will allow you to feel accomplished.

Next, it’s critical to save time by batching together similar tasks. If you use the tagging feature in ClickUp it will help keep similar tasks together making tackling them at once a breeze.

The final step is to categorize tasks based on your energy levels and the time of the day. The morning is best for concentration tasks and maybe mundane or simple tasks are better when your energy is low. When you plan your day, plan it around your energy levels.

Upwork will help you be more successful by keeping you focused and accomplished on list, marking complete one at a time.

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