Coriant networking company

Coriant was formed in May 2013. This is when it became independent on its own from its mother’s company nokia Siemens network. During that time it was under the management and ownership of Marlin Equity Partners. After its stability on its own it become one of the most popular companies transforming network technologies in this modern century. It has helped service providers with enough platform to transport or transfer their data or information using the network. It was therefore suitable to use because of its efficiency, flexibility and scalability in the transport channels.
Coriant Company has therefore contributed to several number of things in the technology network. Below are some of the points.
• In the techno sector it has been recognized as one of the world class service excellence. This is because of its efficiency to use.
• It is proven that it has combined the innovation of culture and looked forward to the modern generation transport networks.
• Coriant has attributed to partnerships with the major leading network companies in the world. Its intelligence was embarked by the excellent technical experts that operated with most agility in solving the problem.
• Coriant Company has also emerged to be known as the best into delivering of fast changing network that are centred in the business world.
• Coriant has also enabled internet workers and users to reduce their complexity and improve the utilization of internet channels resources.
• It has also created new opportunities in the revenue industry. It has also helped the world customers to maximize the value of their internet infrastructure as demand for bandwidth explodes.
• It has also helped to raise the communication between the buyers and the consumers
In 2015, Coriant Company employed another CEO. Shaygan Kheradpir became the new chairman of board of coriant. He was born in London and he grew up in Iran where he later moved to United States of America. Shaygan is one of the proven supplier of innovative networking solutions that are leading in 100 countries in the world. Shagyan is recognized in the world because of his business and technology experience of more than 28 years across the telecommunication network industry. His career began at GTE Corporation and was subsequently appointed to Verizon EVP organization as the chief information officer where he was also appointed to be a member of the executive leadership team that led to the systems of modernization efficiency.

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