Kim Dao Talks about her Departure from Japan

Australian YouTube personality Kim Dao recently posted a new video in which she talks about her plans to move back to Australia after more than a year in Japan. The YouTube video blogger had always wanted to live in Japan and says that moving there was a fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Although Kim Dao says she will miss Japan, she explains that it was never her intention to stay there forever. Learn more:


Kim Dao will be spending a few weeks in Australia before traveling to South Korea and later visiting her family in Europe. According to Kim, she needs to unwind a little bit at home before flying from Australia to Denmark, where her family lives. However, she will need to return to Korea in the middle of her visit to Europe for a project she is undertaking with the South Korean government. Kim Dao is extremely excited about this professional opportunity even though it will mean a lot of air travel back and forth. Learn more:


Kim Dao plans on spending seven weeks in Europe. In addition to Denmark, Kim Dao will be visiting Italy, Germany, and England, although she is optimistic that she will be able to fit in other countries into her itinerary. Upon returning from Europe, she will need to travel to Korea one more time to tie up some loose ends, and then she will be returning to Australia for good. Kim Dao is looking forward to her trip, but is also happy that she is moving back to Australia. Learn more: