Anil Chaturvedi: Managing Director Extraordinaire

From New Delhi, India, and specializing in international transactions between Europe and India, Anil Chaturvedi is a master at private, corporate and investment banking as well as a high level of expertise in advisory roles. He attended Delhi University from 1970 to 1973 where he received his Bachelor of Arts with Economic Honors. And FMS Delhi University from 1971 to 1973 where he received his Master’s in Business Administration.

He is currently the Managing Director at Hinduja Bank in Geneva, Switzerland, a position he’s held since late 2011. There, he creates plans to help corporations forge profitable international alliances all over the world. Though his main specialty lies in creating these corporate mergers mainly in Europe and India, he has also done the some for many companies in the United States and Asia as well. He works in all areas of business such as: Sales, mergers and acquisitions, credit, financial restructuring, and all types of investments.

Prior to that, he was the International Managing Director at Merrill Lynch from 1993 until 2011. A member of the Circle of Champions and considered one of the top, if not the top advisor, he specialized in creating highly effective investment solutions for some of the companies wealthiest clients.

Some of his other roles include: Vice President and Senior Representative for U.S. Operations at ANZ Grindlays Bank, New York from 1991 to 1993 where he was in charge of nearly all operations including leadership development, marketing, product development, handling compliance and regulatory issues, and making sure the bank’s business model was kept highly profitable. And from 1987 to 1991, he was the Planning and Development Manager for the State Bank of India in the greater New York City area. His highly successful implementation of marketing strategies resulted in over $500,000,000 worth of new business revenue in the four years he was there. For this, he received the Man of the Year Award.

Julia Jackson Continues Her Family’s Proud Tradition of Winemaking

Julia Jackson has been interested in winemaking since her childhood involvement with the family business. She can well remember picking and sorting grapes in the blazing sun while listening to her father extol the virtues of hard work. However, it wasn’t just something she endured, there was genuine interest there as well.


Julia attended Scripps College in Claremont, California where she received a bachelor of arts degree. She then completed a certificate program from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In her lifelong experience with winemaking and tasting, Julia puts forth one interesting observation about wine from Sonoma. One that she considers superlative is Sonoma Cabernet. Despite the fact that Sonoma has a reputation for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Watching her mother excel as a winemaker and in business in general, has inspired Julia to found an organization called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. They celebrate the strength and leadership that women often provide. The organization awards $100,000 in grants to nonprofit groups annually. Overcoming adversity and celebrating strong, female leaders are prime considerations. Other core values are equality and community.

The Carmel Road brand from Jackson Family Wines is produced in Monterey, California. The brand was founded in 1999 and is known for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The uniqueness is provided by the Panorama Vineyard. The wines it produces are noted for their aromatics and complexity. Julia Jackson is well positioned to help continue to grow her family’s business.

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People Can Rest Easy With The Help Of The Midas Legacy

Focused on helping individuals attain their goals for success in life is The Midas Legacy, and company that currently resides in Winter Garden, Florida. Not only does the company help people achieve success financially, which most people aspire to, but they are dedicated to helping people live happier lives overall. With their high level of knowledge and vast amount of information in different areas, the company is able to form the perfect strategy for each clients ideas. Because of their passion for helping people in more than just wealth, but life in general, The Midas Legacy has set itself apart from the competition in the industry with their dedication to helping people live healthier and happier.

The company is able to help up and coming entrepreneurs to plan out different strategies based upon their ideas and what they want to achieve, not only this but they also help their clients learn how to properly manage any success they gain. The Midas Legacy is happy to help individuals find success because it also means more success for not only themselves, but others that these successful individuals run into and employ. The company’s staff uses their knowledge and expertise in different fields to help people plan out a good future. Because of the company’s unique aspects and their passion for helping people in more than just finances, The Midas Legacy has developed a positive reputation that continues to grow.

Along with helping people find success in the present, The Midas Legacy also helps individuals plan out their retirements for the future, as they find many people wait entirely too long before deciding to make a plan. All members who receive The Midas Code are capable of setting up a retirement plan through the company that is specifically suited to their needs. This is a beneficial aspect for everyone regardless of their level of success, because everyone has to retire from working one day.

The company uses their knowledge to help people take their ideas to greatness and maintain that level of success as well as help them eliminate stress and negativity from their lives. Once they point people in the direction and teach them the fundamentals, they are able to improve on themselves and motivate their own actions. Anyone looking to improve in any aspect of their life, look no further than The Midas Legacy.

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The Midas Legacy: Helping People to Achieve Lifetime Goals

The Midas Legacy is a company whose main focus is people, and helping those same people to meet their lifetime goals. The company itself is located in Winter Garden, Florida where they have an excellent team of employees ready to help others.

What is the Main Focus of the Midas Legacy?

The Midas Legacy is unlike other companies since they offer a unique set of services that can’t be found anywhere else. They are in short a research services company whose main focus is helping people to meet their goals. The Midas Legacy offer several research services to help people from all walks of life to improve their lives. This includes people seeking to retire faster, entrepreneurs who want to improve their living situation, individuals who want to manage their investments, and even people seeking natural remedies to cure their illness.

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How does the Company Help People?

People know the focus of The Midas Legacy is helping people to improve their lives, but what steps do they take to help individuals to reach those goals? While their main focus helping people to improve their sense of self-worth, happiness, health, and even wealth they also use several other strategies to achieve these goals. The company provides the resources people need that will have a positive impact on their lives. The Midas Legacy sees it as their mission to help people to achieve this goal, and it all starts the first day.

People who become a member of The Midas Legacy will receive The Midas Code book absolutely free. This book on Twitter is an excellent resource for helping people to unlock their true potential and to lead the life they never sought possible. They have an excellent team of product and expert contributors standing behind them to bring their experience to the table to help people to see results in their own lives.

The combined knowledge of this excellent company is at people’s fingertips. They only have to grasp, hold on tight, and begin to understand the true meaning of “The Midas Legacy” to meet their goals.

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