Talk Fusion: Leader in Video Communication

Talk Fusion is leading the video communication industry with their award-winning products. They are considered one of the top companies in their field. When it comes to these video products, Talk Fusion strives to make it the best possible experience to keep gaining new users. Their motto is all about giving back to others, which is thanks to Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s Founder and CEO. Nobody is more dedicated or committed to giving back than Bob.

Bob strongly believes in the power of giving back whether to family and friends, communities, and even animal charities. He has donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, an Indonesian orphanage, and even provided money to help numerous animals get the life-saving operations they are in desperate need of receiving. No matter what it is, Bob wants to help as many people around the world as he can. With Talk Fusion’s products, he believes they will help jump-start your business and help get your business noticed. He wants to see you live out your dreams and build a better future for yourself. That is why Bob is the most interested in hearing how these products have changed your life.

Bob has even taken his giving back mission a step further. He recently launched a program which allows Talk Fusion Associates to choose a charity of their choice and award them one free charity account. This account allows them to customize their videos and have full access to all of Talk Fusion’s products. This will not only help small businesses start up, but providing videos will help spread their message even faster. This is a great way to get recognized and bring in potential customers.

Talk Fusion’s products include Video Email, Video Newsletters, Video Chat, and Live Meetings. You can use these video products in a variety of different ways, such as announcing the opening of your business, promoting upcoming sales, conduct business meetings, announce a fundraiser, and even announce an upcoming animal adoption event. No matter what you decide, these products are easy to use and are compatible on all mobile devices.


Bob Reina Changes The Video Communication Industry

Talk Fusion is hailed as the all in one video communication solution that allows the user to virtually cover all aspects of video marketing with a single software bundle. This has not been possible till now thanks to the innovation by the Talk Fusion team and the vision of Bob Reina. It all started prior to 2007 when Bob Reina tried to send a video clip to a friend via the email platform only to realize that embedding the video was not possible. This set the ball rolling and has since evolved into a 4 product suite that can be downloaded via the Talk Fusion website and tested for a trial period of 30 days.

Video communication has evolved in to the preferred method of communication for many users around the globe. This is very evident when looking at the popularity of certain video platforms. Video has allowed for a message to contain a lot more than a few simple words. When a user wants to communicate with his customers they can simply take a quick clip, assign a template and post it to all. These few steps take minutes and therefore is possibly the quickest way to talk to a customer base from a business perspective. Individuals can also use the software on a personal basis but all the features remain the same.

When looking at the cost of the Talk Fusion basic option the one time fee is $175 or $20 per month. This comes with a single account and allows the user to store up to 1000 emails. The videos that the user can create with the basic option are up to 5 min in length. One step up from the basic package costs $375 and offers similar features however there are an additional 3 accounts as well as many more templates, branding capabilities and up to 10 min video creation. Email accounts can be added for additional cost but features of the software are plentiful across the board with all options. Customers can tailor their specific requirements.

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The World Is Talking About Talk Fusion

The popular saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. While Talk Fusion is just recently getting notice on the online community as a revolutionary new video chat software–currently it’s number one in the global market–its rise to success has been happening for the last nine years. Though it seems as though the app just came out recently, the reality is that nearly a decade of solid work has gone into its construction.

So what is Talk Fusion, exactly? Well, it’s a high definition video chat application which uses proprietary technology whose patent is pending. Talk Fusion works so well that it has become the number one video chat application throughout Indonesia. In Japan it is the fifth most popular video chat app, and in Switzerland it clocks in at number twenty. But as previously stated, globally it is the number one app.

Talk Fusion has provided marketing solutions to roughly 140 separate countries in the nine years since the company’s inception. Founder and CEO Bob Reina is concerned about the global community. Specifically: he’s concerned about bettering it. It’s his prerogative to bring affordable, high-definition technology to as many people as possible. This is probably one of the reasons Talk Fusion has a thirty day free trial attached to it that requires no credit card information.

That may seem suspect to some, but the DSA (Direct Selling Association) has given their prestigious honors to Talk Fusion, as the group makes the DSA proud. Furthermore, the program features multi-platform support. Whether or not you’re using a Macintosh computer, a Windows tablet, an Android smartphone, or some device with a third-party operating system, Talk Fusion has been designed to work with your tech.

Finally, Talk Fusion regularly donates to animal charities and has a specific concentration in developing global communities through the interaction of family and friends. Video chat software is something most people the world over have dreamed about since before Johnny Quest had a communicator watch in the sixties. Now even better technology is a global reality, and it looks a lot more streamlined than anyone ever expected.