Krishen Iyer Interview Recap

Krishen Iyer is an important partner with Managed Benefits. He’s in charge of helping the company’s clients with their marketing needs and growth. Krishen Iyer has an extensive background in marketing and this allows him to provide each client with individualized plans and strategies for their company. Before his rise to corporate success, Iyer was a student at San Diego State University and before that he went to Grossmont College. He received degrees in public administration and urban development.


During his academic studies, Krishen Iyer started fine honing the skills that make him successful today. His detail-oriented mindset, professionalism, and his unique leadership skills all began to form during his academic studies. Today, they have made him a highly successful businessman.


Krishen Iyer recently sat down for an interview to talk about what made him the success he is today and why he chose to partner with Managed Benefits and move on from Quick Link Marketing.


When asked about what gave him the idea for Quick Link, Iyer responded by noting a general lack of real marketing solution services and decided to jump on the opportunity to provide the much needed service.


Iyer maintains a strict schedule for his business days. He gets all of his interfacing work out of the way in the early morning. By doing so, he leaves the majority of the day open to really focus on his client’s needs. It’s this professionalism and care for his clients that sets him apart from the crowd.


Krishen also values communication to an intense degree. For Krishen, communication is how ideas come to life. Having lots of people with varying perspectives come together to collaborate and provide feedback is one of the key factors in making an idea a reality. That is Krishen’s point of view on the matter, of course, but something that most people can agree with.


How Is PSI-Pay Influencing The Financial Industry Trends

Most companies offering financial services have embraced technology to provide simple analytic reports and also to improve their services in a more efficient way. Some of the companies in the financial technology have developed mobile apps that enable clients to perform transactions in restaurants and shops efficiently. Banks have also proved more welcoming to digital financial solutions that continue to phase out the traditional payment practices.


One of the notable companies that have adopted financial technology is PSI-Pay, the world’s leading payment Solutions Company based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2007, PSI Pay has come a long way into becoming one of the most prestigious players in the European Fintech industry. Its success has seen it gain the licensing to offer debit cards and prepaid cards and other electronic payment methods across 173 countries.


Contactless payments

PSI-Pay is also a member of the MasterCard since 2009 and has been offering MasterCard services in the European Union. Recently, PSI-Pay joined hands with K Wearable and developed a contactless payment ring. The ring enables its users to make payments in Europe and the UK by directing the ring to the card readers that accept MasterCard contactless payments.


The company’s managing director, Phil Davies, and has played a crucial role in ensuring the company remains relevant and profitable in the Fintech industry. Before joining PSI-Pay, he juggled between his mechanical engineering profession and other positions in the financial sector for close to two decades.


Reshaped customer experience

When he took over as the MD, he worked relentlessly to reshape the company rejuvenate the customer experience. He has also worked hard to ensure a comfortable workplace that guarantees employees flexible working hours and other benefits. Under his leadership, the company has recorded tremendous growth and success.


According to Phil, the company outdid itself and exceeded customer expectations with the launch of the contactless ring payments. He, however, goes on to promises to introduce even more revolutionary payment processing solutions and even more solid security systems for the payment apps, debit and credit cards. His company is also believed to be testing the use of artificial intelligence and big data analytics on their platforms in a bid to come up with better solutions for some of the common challenges facing the digital payment structures.

Paul Mampilly – The Brain Behind Profits Unlimited

     As an investor, Mr. Paul Mampilly primary focus is business and financial investment. He previously worked as hedge fund manager for business organizations such as Kinetics Asset Management, ING, and Deutsche Bank. Mr. Paul has also won many awards, including the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment Award. Over the years, many viewers, investors, and entrepreneurs have had the opportunity of interacting with Paul Mampilly through various television broadcasts such as CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

Paul Mampilly is the brain behind Profits Unlimited. He founded the company after leaving Wall Street. He wanted to start something that can be useful to people who are not super rich to experience the benefits of wise investment. Moreover, Paul was fortunate to discover the newsletter business because he can use his expertise and skill to help several people. Through Profits Unlimited, Paul is offering guidance to individuals who are interested in learning about stock investment and when to leave the business involving stock market. He has more than 25 years of experience in the investment world. Therefore, his research on investment opportunities comes at an expense that any American who is business oriented can afford.

Paul Mampilly starts his typical day like any other American does. He normally gets up from the bed between 5.30 Am and 6.00 Am to go through all of the news about the performance of the world market, including North America markets, which are Canada and the United States of America. Paul also prefers looking the news about the performance of the specific companies that he tracks. As an experienced investor, Mr. Mampilly brings ideas to life through extensive research and consultation with his team. Most of his effort and time goes into the formation of a stock write-up that will result in a winning business portfolio. Mr. Mampilly also understands that people who read his newsletters do not have the same knowledge. Some people sit down to do their research while others are busy with their personal lives. According to Paul, it is essential to do a research work that suits people despite their background. This includes standing in their shoes and making the investment guidance easy for them to follow.

Glen Wakemen Is Passionate About Helping Entrepreneurs and Companies Grow Their Business

Glen Wakeman, the CEO, and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC has a passion for helping early stage entrepreneurs. Before becoming the CEO of LaunchPad, Glen worked for 20 years in the business and finance sectors and brings with him all of the knowledge that goes with hard-earned experience. He has worked in 32 different countries, has lived in six of them, and cherishes the life lessons he has learned from experiencing such a diverse variety of cultures and people.

Glen Wakemen’s tireless efforts have dramatically changed, in a positive way, the course of direction that many businesses were heading in before he came along. This includes working with companies who have over 17,000 employees and $15 billion in assets. No business or company is too unique for Glen Wakeman to have an impact on, and his portfolio includes a wide range of them that work in many different sectors. He has helped start-ups, individual entrepreneurs, new market entries, M&As, and divestitures to execute better, have a much more efficient chain of command, figure out risk management, and much more.

Today, Glen Wakeman blogs to help companies and entrepreneurs organize their business more efficiently and to increase productivity. Some of his articles include tips for thinking outside of the box, using Twitter to listen to customers and competitors rather than simply using it for leads and marketing, and ways to be a better manager. He shares his blog posts on his social media accounts, which include Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Facebook and also shares favorite thoughts or articles about other topics that interest him.

On top of this, Glen is a writer, global business executive, mentor and entrepreneur, and investor with a wide range of interests and projects . He graduated from the University of Scranton in 1981 with a BS in Finance and Economics and earned his MBA in Finance in 1993 while attending the University of Chicago and believes that education is hugely important in today’s fast-changing world of the internet. Everyone who knows Glen expects him to do even greater things in the future, and as he helps more businesses to grow, he helps to make this world a better place where success is valued by how much a person helps their fellow human being. (

Honey Birdette Eyes UK and US Lingerie Markets

Honey Birdette, the Australian lingerie and intimates toy and accessory company created by maverick business entrepreneur, Eloise Monahan, has, of late, debuted some big plans for company expansion. The sexy fashion brand has been exceedingly successful in its home market of Australian where it currently operates fifty five different retailers, however, they have publicly released plans for movement into the United Kingdoms, specifically in the areas of Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool. Thus far, Honey Birdette plans to create forty new stores in the aforementioned UK areas (which is a increase of 37 up from the three stores they already operate within the United Kingdom).

In addition to the brand’s UK expansion plan, they also have their sites dead set on the United States of America due to a huge up-surge in sales from the red, white and blue lingerie consumer niche (they reported that their sales increased 374 % from American sales alone!).

To this end, Honey Birdette has created a new, English language website specifically geared towards their prospective United States clientele. Unlike their original Australian based website, the US based website features a bevvy of special offers and increased user-friendly interface features. Some of the most notable of these special features include a new offer which allows buyers to knock off the whole price of normal delivery for any product purchase of $ 50 US dollars or more as well as the ability to get rid of the whole price of express delivery for any product purchase over $ 100 US dollars. According to some recent public statements from the company, Honey Birdette also has big plans for setting up numerous retailer boutiques within the United States in the “-near future-“.

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Bruce Bent II and Money Market Funds

‘Money market funds’ area otherwise known as ‘money market mutual fund’ and invest in securities: short term debt like US Treasury bills or commercial paper. These funds are regarded to be safe and also provide higher yields. These funds reduce exposure to losses arising from liquidity, credit and market risks.

Investors who Consider the ‘Money Market Funds’

These funds are appropriate for customers such as:

Customers that need their investment to be really liquid

· Customers that have a very low tolerance for volatility or those interested in diversifying with more traditional investments

· Customers that have investment goals with brief time horizons

Returns on ‘money market funds’ are not as promising as other ‘fixed income funds’ like bond funds. However, the reason clients opt for these is the stability they provide. Investors could use these funds for reasons such as:

· An asset holding place while they wait for investment opportunities to come up

· Offsetting volatility in equity and bond investments

· As a short period investment for assets required later, for instance emergency funds.

Bruce Bent II

‘Money market fund’ was introduced by Bruce Bent II‘s father in 1971 and his father’s partner Henry B.R. Brown. . This financial commodity was at once recognized by the department of financial history in of America’s Museum.

Bent II grew up in a world where he learned and experience the financial industry daily through his father. I believe that many of his financial techniques and creative solutions have come from his lifetime exposure to finances.

Education and Skill Set

Bruce went to Northeastern University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Philosophy. He is an experienced asset, risk, equities and ‘mutual funds manager’. Bent II is also good at strategic planning and retirement and pensions planning.

Currently he is the Vice Chairman and President at Double Rock Corp. where he continues to use his expertise as an entreprenuer and financila guru to help out many financial institutions.

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How the OSI Group has Crossed International Borders

OSI Group is an American company that processes foods and beverages. The firm currently operates in different regions of the world and has based its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group gradually grown since it was established in 1909, and more than 20,000 people currently work for it.

The enterprise has developed excellent knowledge of the products that it offers, and they include pizza, hot dogs, fish, meat patties, vegetable products, and bacon. OSI is privately held, and it has been ranked as the 66th most profitable enterprise in the food and beverage sector. It was also listed among the top 100 companies by the Forbes Magazine.

OSI’s CEO and chairperson is Sheldon Lavin. He has been a noteworthy participant in the growth of the enterprise. Lavin started by working as a finance professional before being hired by the company. His management expertise was recognized by the Vision World Academy, which named him as the Global Visionary Award’s winner. He is known as a hard-working individual, and his input in the company assisted it to grow into a renowned international enterprise. The profits of the business are worth billions of dollars. The Rush University Medical Center has currently employed Sheldon as an overall trustee.

The company has been making acquisitions of late to boost its market and the products that it offers. It plans to buy a Chicago-based food company. The North America branch’s vice president, Kevin Scott, hopes that the acquisition will enable the business to offer a broad variety of products. OSI also bought Baho Foods from the Dutch. The specialization of the enterprise is in processing convenience foods such as deli meats and snacks. The Baho Foods has many customers in Europe and OSI plans to use it in increasing its client base. The COO of the enterprise, David G. McDonalds, believes that Baho will assist it in reaching more customers and increasing its product portfolio.

Baho Foods is based in Netherlands, and it has its other branches in Germany. It comprises of five firms, which are Bakx Foods, Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, Henri van de Bilt, and Gelderland Frischwaren. OSI plans to absorb some of Baho Food’s essential employees such as the MD, John Balvers. The professionals will be critical to ensuring a smooth transition. The company believes that Baho Foods will assist it in satisfying the evolving needs of its clients across the world.

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DIY Hair Removal Wax using SUGAR

Hey guys, it’s Wengie!


Start with the hard wax. You’ll need two cups of sugar, a quarter cup of lemon juice, and a quarter cup of water. Combine all the ingredients in a pot and bring it to a boil. It’ll get thicker and start to smell so good, like lemon meringue pie. Turn down the heat and simmer it for seven minutes, or until it reaches a caramel color. Then, pour it all into a jar and let it cool down. Make sure that your jar is hot, a cool glass will crack due to the temperature difference. Then leave it to cool.


When it’s cooled down sufficiently, start to mold the hardened syrup, like wax. Then smooth it on to your skin. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. Okay, let’s try something slightly different. Coat a knife with the hot syrup. It’s hot but bearable.


Okay, now let’s compare it to the stripped-free wax. This one here is so much more comfortable. It’s not burning. Wow, it’s like heaven! Oh my gosh, I’m pain-free right now. The burning hurts just as much as when we pulled up the wax strip. Okay, now let’s pull it off. Look, there’s hair, and it didn’t hurt that much.


Next, Wengie try another way. Use one cup of sugar instead of two cups. Combine the sugar with a quarter cup of lemon juice and a quarter cup of water. Bring it to a boil and then let it simmer until it’s a caramelized golden brown color. One minute it’ll be yellow, but the next it’ll turn brown. Pour it into a jar to cool down. Next, apply the paste to your skin. It burns. But, “no pain, no gain.” Let it sit, then pull it off. Unfortunately, it only removed a few hairs.


Okay, now let’s try the store-bought version. The consistency is about the same as what I made before. It doesn’t burn at all. Hopefully, unlike the DIY wax, this one will actually stick to the strip. Now yank it off. Do you see? That’s major hair-removal.


Let’s see if the DIY soft wax will perform. No, it’s not as good.


Learn more about Wengie:

Bernardo Chua Keeps Writing New Stories

Coffee is a product that has grown over the past hundreds of years to become one of the most popular items to purchase as well as consume. Coffee has become immensely popular for not only the variety of flavors that coffee offers, but also for the multiple energy benefits that are provided to the consumer. All consumers of coffee enjoy a cup of coffee either in the early morning, or in the late afternoon when work can drag on the most. In recent news, coffee has be manipulated and created in newer ways that demonstrate the healthiness that coffee can give to each and every consumer. Now consumers can look forward to a delicious cup of coffee that not only tastes great, but also provides so many health benefits just upon consumption.

One company in particular that has stood out the most by providing customers with a healthy alternative to coffee is Organo Gold which is a company that was created in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, a businessman who has always had a passion for business ventures. Within the past few years, Bernardo Chua has risen through the ranks from a small and fairly successful entrepreneur in the Philippines to an owner of a multilevel organization that involves millions of individuals in the selling of this delicious product. In addition to selling Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua also works hard to ensure the success of all the employees who share his same passion for this sold product.

With this company, and his Facebook, Bernardo Chua is truly representing the Philippines in a positive way. Though starting out small, Bernardo Chua has been able to grow his company exponentially and to make the products the number one choice of millions of individuals around the world. The secret behind the success of Organo Gold is the use of a special ingredient known as Ganoderma. This simple Chinese herb is has been named by scientists as one of the cheapest as well as best ways to provide individuals with much needed nutrition. As not only a company, Bernardo Chua is also on a mission to spread education of the importance of healthy living.

Shaygan Kheradpir Seeks To Develop The Coriant Brand For The Future

The continued growth of the Coriant optical networking brand is something its parent company, Marlin Equity Partners, has looked to secure with the appointment of a new CEO and board Chairman. Coriant will now be headed by former Verizon and Barclays executive Shaygan Kheradpir, who has taken up the roles of CEO and board chairman as Marlin Equity Partners look to build on his 28 years of service as a technology executive for some of the world’s biggest companies; Kheradpir has developed a strong career based upon his skills as both a technology executive and as a high quality business person skilled in making almost any business as profitable as possible.

Ever since the Coriant brand was developed from various departments of Nokia Siemens, Tellabs, and Sycamore Networks under the initial guidance of Marlin executive Pat DiPietro who was always earmarked for a return to his previous role at the parent company. DiPietro will combine his role as an investment executive at Marlin Equity Partners with an advisory role as the Chairperson of Coriant in a bid to maintain some continuity within the company.

Coriant have recently looked to bring a number of new products to the Coriant product line, including a lightning resistant form of cabling and a new form of Cloud developed for the streaming industry. Executives at Coriant believe the best option for the future is Kheradpir, who has a long history of developing the highest quality technologies available in a wide range of industries. The former Juniper CEO made his name as an executive at GTE Labs and Verizon, where he was responsible for developing a number of new strategies for his research and devlopment departments that have become industry standards.

In 2014, Coriant saw a small dip in revenue streams as the company looked to make its mark in the optical networking industry through a series of product launches begun in the early months of 2016. The steady and knowledgeable executive Shaygan Kheradpir has a high level of experience in the development and launch of new products, which he is now coupling with the knowledge of Coriant he built up during his months spent examining the entire company to make sure it remains as profitable as a possible.

To know more about Shaygan Kheradpir, visit