George Soros Believes That The New Ukraine Will Succeed With Its Reform Agenda

In his article, George posits that the new Ukraine is a valuable asset in Europe. This is because Europe may back it to resist the Russian aggression. In addition, the country can enhance the spirit of solidarity within the European Union. George believes that he is in a good position to deliver valid arguments given that he has an intimate knowledge of the country. George Soros’ knowledge about the new Ukraine has been informed by the presence of his Ukrainian foundation besides his involvement in different initiatives within the country. Earlier, George had developed a winning strategy for Ukraine and distributed it to the European authorities.

In this document, George asserted that sanctions against Russia were sufficient but not necessary. President Vladimir Putin has devised a successful interpretation on the present situation in a bid to defend his actions against the sanctions. George Soros argues that he has been claiming that all the political and economic crisis in the country have been caused by the Western powers. He continues to posit that Russia has been a victim of their aggression, as these Western powers would like to deny the country its position in the globe. This way, Putin is seeking support of the Russian citizen to ensure that they put up with the harsh economic times that has been occasioned by the sanctions. George asserts that the best way of proving Putin wrong is by establishing a strong balance between the sanctions and support for Ukraine.

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His winning strategy provides for effective financial support to Ukraine. George continues to posit that the financial assistance would enhance the initiatives undertaken by the private sector. Given the willingness of the Ukrainians to undertake radical and political reforms, these measures would turn the country into an attractive investment destination. The epitome of the country’s economic reform is transforming Naftogaz, the state gas monopoly. The populace of Ukraine would like to have direct subsidies for the gas purchased by needy households. The political reforms have been centering on competent media and judiciary, independence of institutions, honesty, dealing with corruption and ensuring that civil servant serve the people.

The new Ukraine wants transformation to both its political and economic situation. The Ukrainians are committed to accepting modernity and democracy. George contends that this is only the beginning. Today, the people who supported the Maidan revolution are working towards building the nation. George posits that most of the individuals working in government offices and in Parliament are largely volunteers. These individuals have left their lucrative careers to be of service to their motherland. For instance, the new finance minister was previously working as a highly ranked and successful investment banker. Other volunteers are focused on helping internally displaced persons besides providing advisory services to the ministers and employees working in the local government. 
George believes that the new Ukraine should work towards defeating the state bureaucracy and business oligarchs who are entrenched in both private and public sectors of the economy. The Ukrainian reformers are against Russia’s hostility.

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