Wen by Chaz: Natural haircare that works

Located in Hollywood, CA, WEN By Chaz is a haircare company and salon owned by Chaz Dean(http://chazdean.com/). After working in a salon in Bel Air, and later owning it, Chaz decided to start his own company. Wen By Chaz was born. The salon quickly became a spot for celebrities to get away from the paparazzi, and have a relaxing hair care experience. Soon after, Chaz began selling his products online, and became known internationally. The most well known product is the no lather shampoo and conditioner combo, that contains no harsh chemicals.

Some women find that they have dry, burnt or damaged hair from using heat or coloring their hair too much. Using a treatment product like the WEN re moist intensive hair Treatment, damaged hair can become healthy again. Shea butter helps to soften and nourish the hair, while sweet almond oil helps to moisturize. Depending the on the product or condition of the hair, the frequency of use will change. Most products require weekly use. A small amount should be placed in the hand. The rule of thumb is typically about a nickel sized amount per side. After the product is rubbed in the hands, the user should run it through damp hair (some products may require in-shower use, or use on dry hair). The person should then brush through their hair to make sure the product is evenly distributed. It is important to follow the directions of the specific hair-healing product. If it is used to often, the hair may be become greasy and oily. If it is not used enough, the the product will not work. After several uses of a high quality product, the hair will be silky, nourished and healthy. Visit wen.com for more information. Check out the product gallery on Facebook.