Sheldon Lavin’s Success Story is Worth Taking an interest in

The sustainability and accomplishments of a company are dependent on the kind of leadership and management that gets put in place. In that case, the OSI Group is one company that has the best management with Sheldon Lavin as its chief executive officer. The kind of experience and knowledge he possesses has been of value to the group since he joined and he came in as a financial consultant. The company needed his support at one point which he offered professionally and took it to another level considering that it had started expanding simultaneously. Currently, the group is one of the leading food providers that is recognized globally which could be attributed to his contribution in all the positions he has assumed in the company. Under his watch, the OSI Group has considered focusing on food safety, environmental sustainability, and preservation as well as strategies that are focused on the targeted market.

The group has as well undertaken various acquisitions under the management of Sheldon Lavin which have been done to facilitate production and expansion to the global market. Some of these acquisitions comprise of Joint Ventures in both the United Kingdom and Canada as well as in Germany. With this acquisition, the OSI Group expanded its distribution of beef in Europe which as well increased its market and returns as well. Other purchases include Tyson production plant, Baho Food, Flagship Europe and Hynek Schlachthof GmbH which is a slaughterhouse which will increase the production of meat to the company. In that case, Sheldon Lavin has done everything in his power to make the company a success though not since inception but the years he has worked there probably more than forty have been impactful.

Currently, Sheldon Lavin takes pride in the group after gaining 100% voting control after the Otto brothers retired. The fact that the OSI Group is in more than 17 countries with more than 65 operational facilities is one of his greatest achievements. Additionally, he has as well offered more than 20,000 people jobs something that gives him the satisfaction that any entrepreneur may seek in their business. With all his achievements and commitment to his work, Sheldon Lavin takes time to give back to the community which he does through donations. The funds he donates goes to college funds, sick children, Jewish organizations and chronic diseases. In that case, he cares for the community and appreciates that he has an opportunity to connect with them through his donations even if not in person.

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OSI Group: A Century of Quality

A large part of operating a successful business is selecting other companies that will provide you with effective service and quality of product delivered where they are needed and on time, to your other facilities along the chain of supply. In 1909 Otto Kolschowsky opened a family owned meat market and butcher shop in Chicago, Il and became an important part of that process.

In the auspicious year of 1955 the shop owner’s sons were approached by Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s, who presented the son’s of Otto Kolschowsky an opportunity to provide fresh beef for his restaurant chain named McDonald’s. Having obtained such a lucrative copportunity Otto & Son’s were on their way becoming the OSI Group. As a service provider of quality beef many business’s like theirs benefited from a new process called Cryogenic Food Processing invented in the early ’70’s. It allowed for faster production without loss of product quality. Not much later, in that same decade, the company name officially chanaged to the OSI Group. The year was 1975.

One of the largest companies of its kind the OSI Group provides more than 60 types of high quality food stuffs including beef, sausage, pizza, dough products, and many more to their customers around the world. June of 2016 saw the OSI Group purchasing a Tyson’s food plant located in Chicago, which had been scheduled for closure, and would have meant unemployment for many. However, as the OSI Group had bought the facility to augment the service of other local branches of their business they hired many of the remaining employees.

Worldwide more than 20,000 people are employed by the OSI Group in a variety of fields. The company, through its web site, encourages persons seeking employment to take a look at available positions at their many facilities around the world. If you sign-up on their job site they will even send out e-mails to inform those interested about positions they my wish to apply to.

In 2016 Forbes’s ranked the OSI Group as being the worth more than 6 billion dollars and one of the largest privately owned companies of its kind. Quality of product and excellent service to customers account for the companies nearly centuries long existence. OSI Food Solutions (UK), a OSI Group counter part, received an award “exemplary management of environmental risk”. They remain a glowing example of how to treat their customers and their employees to this day.
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You Can’t Defy OSI Industries

In addition to global warfare, the threat of foodborne illnesses remains rampant. Furthermore, nations around the world remain scrambling for solutions. This remains attributed to the recent outbreak of the Ebola virus. For those unaware, the Ebola virus made a violent resurgence in 2014. Although the virus remained discovered in the 1970s, the Ebola virus claimed the life of thousands of people in West Africa. Moreover, the virus wreaked havoc in the region in terms of economics. Not only did the spread of the virus spark fear in people around the world, it also made global leaders consider several strategies to provide their citizens with safe food services.

In addition, numerous corporations have also accepted some of these responsibilities. However, these companies pale in comparison to the efforts of OSI Industries. For those unaware, OSI Industries remains a well-respected corporation. Since 1909, the company has reformed its industry. Moreover, the company remains headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. At first, the company began as a family meat market. However, it eventually grew into something bigger. To expound further, the company entered the wholesale meat market by the 1920s. This remains attributed to the success it received in Chicago. Furthermore, the company remains multi-billion dollar enterprise.

Therefore, the company remains a longtime collaborator with McDonald’s. For over 50 years, McDonald’s partnered with OSI Group. Prior to their partnership, McDonald’s partnered with hundreds of other meat suppliers. However, none of them could provide the goods and services offered by OSI industries. In addition to partnering with McDonald’s, the company remains an industry leader. Recently, the company purchased a failing food plant from Tyson. Moreover, the acquisition cost the company $7.4 million dollars. In addition, the company also purchased Baho Food. In closing, it substantially improved the company’s standing in the European market.

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