Whitney Wolfe Is A Philanthropist First And Then A Businesswoman

Whitney Wolfe is known as the successful businesswoman of Bumble. However, when one looks back at her career, they will find that Bumble was not the first business that she has started. As a matter of fact, she has run a series of businesses before Bumble. To top it off, they were not made for the purpose of making money. She has put together businesses for causes like standing against human trafficking and other causes. She has always had a heart for helping people, and it works well for her when she is working on a business. Bumble is another company that is made with the purpose of supporting a cause.

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Whitney Wolfe has started off by creating tote bags for the sole purpose of helping to at least raise awareness for the oil spill. One thing that she has done was use the brown pelican as a symbol for one of the species that are most vulnerable to the oil spill. This business has turned out to be a success. For one thing, it has given awareness to an issue that was very important to people at the time. She has also successfully raised money to contribute to the efforts to sell oil.

The next business was selling clothing. Whitney Wolfe has called her company The Tender Heart. This was an effort to raise awareness towards issues such as human trafficking. She has also decided to help people learn about the idea of fair trade. Then she eventually started Tinder as co founder. Afterwards, she has started Bumble with the purpose of empowering women. One thing that Whitney Wolfe is aware of is that anyone can be oppressed. She wants the people that have been oppressed to overcome their struggles and build a positive future for themselves so that future generations can benefit.

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