Olympic Valley Community Puts Behind Its Challenges

Businesses were affected by epic droughts. Winter resorts, which the small businesses rely on, were also affected. Adding on to the effects of the natural challenge was a political issue that originated from an incorporation battle over Olympic valley. The picturesque area is home to iconic terrains for winter sport in North America such as Squaw Valley Resort.

Relief for the challenges came from both fronts. It was good news for Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC CEO and president, Andy Wirth. He noted that the past four years had been tough. The first relief came via early season storms. Cold temperatures also facilitated Squaw Valley to open a week early. Other resorts in the Lake Tahoe also opened earlier that it had been for the past decade.

Additionally, the incorporation effort offered political relief. They officially pulled out of their Olympic Valley Incorporation effort. Their endeavor was regarded as a threat to the region’s civic climate and business. Squaw Valley Ski Holdings opposed the incorporation plan spending hundreds of thousands in the process. According to Andy, It could have decreased the levels of service such as road maintenance that are critical to the people of the area. It could have also led to high taxes for businesses and residents.

Wirth noted that the endeavor was a long term threat to managing businesses in the area. Supporters of the effort including Fred Ilfield note that Squaw Valley Ski Holdings did not back the incorporation effort due to self involved motives. Wirth refutes their interpretation noting that the group supporting the effort also spent hundreds of thousands. The proposed town was found out not be financially viable by the Local Agency Formation Commission.

Presently, Wirth notes that he wants joint efforts by the parties to be directed on issues such as transportation following the end of the incorporation effort. He wants the community to work as a cohesive unit. Wirth points out that the subject has been divisive. However, he hopes that it can turn out to be an opportunity for healing. That is because they all agree on the things they want and love as the Olympic Valley Community. This information was first reported on Reno Gazzette-Journal as posited by this link http://www.rgj.com/story/life/outdoors/recreation/2015/12/03/squaw-alpine-boss-looks-turn-page-divisive-fight/76735928/