Cotemar Mexico: The Champion Behind the Mexican Oil Revolution

Cotemar Mexico is leading the silent oil revolution in Mexico. The company has made a huge contribution to the oil and gas sector in the country. It is more than a Mexican company as it offers their services both locally and abroad.



This is a company that was established in 1979 to provide services to the energy sector. They have gained a lot of success, and they are now the leading offshore service provider in the oil and gas sector.



For 37 years the company has been offering integrated solutions in the different sections of the industry. They provide services related to the oil fields development, maintenance and construction, transportation, marine support and food and lodging.



All their services are offered in three distinct lines;



Construction, maintenance, modernization, and engineering; these are services offered by their experienced personnel to ensure proper functioning of the systems both off shore and onshore.



Food and accommodation: Cotemar, through the Cocinas De Mar they offer the lodging services on board and also on land. They provide food and lodging to all personnel and collaborators after their offshore journey



Logistics support: The Company offers specialized and marine support boats which allow them to contribute to the development of the oil industry in Mexico. The specialized vessels have been equipped with modern technology, and they include; combat boats, Tugboats and barges, transportation boats, boats for the personnel and processing and oil transportation.



Cotemar has constantly been growing by expanding its services, using state of the art equipment with modern technology and having an experienced staff that guarantees high performance in the company.



They are governed by their core values which include;



Integrity; the entire staff works with honesty and transparency based on the industrial values. They ensure that they function according to the framework governing the company.



Innovation; they adapt new ideas and technology that will enhance the performance of the company in general



Collaboration; they have established team work, and they learn from each other and also utilize their talents to achieve results.



Effectiveness; they strive to achieve excellence in all that they do which helps them to achieve their goals.



Responsibility; the company tries to establish a balance between the environment, community and their resources. They strive to adhere to the set rules and regulations of the land.



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