The Quincy: Troubled Past, Rebuilding Their Future

The area of New Brunswick, New Jersey has gone through some changes within recent years. For the passed decade the crime rate has increased, leaving some businesses to implement alternate services for their customers to help keep them. The Quincy Hotel, in trying to appease their clients, started employing pizza deliverers. This decision soon proved to be problematic.

In the last half of the year 2012 multiple robberies occurred involving pizza delivery drivers within the Quincy Apartments and community. It didn’t take long for law officers to connect Parysh Wood, or “P Gun” or “Pistol”, with the robberies. During a briefing, Chief Raymond Hayducka explained that most criminals leave a clear digital footprint with all of today’s technology. His officers were able to move quickly with the arresting process. As police investigated, they learned that he had also been involved in multiple robberies of pizza delivery drivers, all occurring within a few months. Parysh Wood was already serving time for a previous robbery when police charged him with the robbery that had happened at the end of 2012. His bail is currently set at $100,000.

Another incident at the Quincy Apartments happened October 7th, 2015. There was a shooting. With the quick response of the police force only one victim was brought to the hospital for a gunshot wound. The bullet had not hit any vital organs. The man was able to recover quickly. Police have a suspect but are being tight-lipped until the case is closed.

To help deter the criminal activity that has increased in their area, the Quincy Apartments has responded with renovations to their building. Their goal is to make their property more appealing to a higher class of people. The Quincy is hoping to bring more money back into the community, along with more families. They are hoping that those changes will push back out the criminal activity, which will continue to make it a more ideal living area for future residents.