Eucatex; Growing Money On Trees

Eucatex is the leading manufacturer for paint, floors, wall partitions, doors, panels and hardboard. The company has been dealing with the wooden products since its inception when it began with panels. Eucatex is a well-established and highly recognized company, having expanded from Brazil to other countries. It has headquarters in Sao Paulo but also has other branches in South America, Mexico and Europe. Besides the mentioned products, Eucatex also sells Eucalyptus seedlings. A guess would be that it derives its name from the Eucalyptus tree which it sources most of its raw materials from. For Eucatex, money sure does grow on trees.

Current CEO Flavio Maluf told Noticias the company started as a small family owned factory in 1951 that sold panels. Its first factory, Fiberboard Industrial Unit, was built in 1954 to make panels and ceiling tiles. It now has four factories and exports its products to 37 countries. The company is a leading manufacturer of laminate floors, and a market leader in the sector as well.

Eucatex was the first in Brazil to receive the ISO 9001 certification. It has high environmental, economic and social standards that have been praised far and wide. With certifications such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and the FSC Green Label Certification®, it maintains the rigorous standards promising constant improvement of products and services. It has an ethics channel as well that promotes professional and ethical governance within the company.

Eucatex is run under the able leadership of Flavio Maluf who is the CEO. Flavio Maluf is the son of politician Paulo Maluf. He is also President of Grandfoods, a company that sells food brands such as Premier Pet and Golden.

CEO Flavio Maluf gives Entrepreneurs tips on how to succeed abroad stating that the first rule is, to study and know your target market. Second, a company must act like a local market but think globally which means that they should not think that success can only be found internationally. Third, Mr. Maluf advises entrepreneurs to be aware of tax parameters and laws of different countries before diving in with their products into an unknown territory. It is possible to lose a new venture because of lack of prior knowledge.  Flavio also stresses technology and the positive impact that it will have on education, and how it can be taken advantage of for anybody looking to better themselves.

Flavio Maluf is the epitome of success as the president of one of the best run companies in the world.  Flavio’s website is a good source of news if you’re interested in following him further.

Filling A Need With Brian Torchin

If excellence in service is your goal and you are involved in the administrative responsibilities of a business there is a better than average chance that care in staffing will be a priority. If this is the case then you may already have heard of Brian Torchin who has devoted his life and his career to doing exactly that. Brian began his career in the medical field where he was involved in private practice as a Chiropractor. During that time, he realized that there was a need for qualified staffing solutions in an industry that was already troubled with financial constraints.

Changing times
Regardless of the business you are in the demand for qualified staff will be an issue. This demand will be much greater when there are human lives at stake, which is part of the motivation that drives Torchin. With a clear goal in front of him, Brian went on to open recruitment offices in the Eastern United states through Florida, Philadelphia, and Delaware. It did not take long before Brian earned the respect of his colleagues as one of the leaders in medical staffing solutions. His staffing solutions may have been born from a need in his own corner of the world but that did not stop him from expanding his services across the pond to Asia and Europe.

Full service
With his recruitment services in full swing HCRC Staffing is known for a variety of solutions in the medical field. Those solutions include filling positions in most departments such as therapists and medical assistants. The responsibility of providing quality staffing is not the full extent of this valuable service; in fact, they also offer assistance in background checks and professional consulting. These services are intended to assist their wide range of clients to employ the most qualified staff for the positions they need filled.

The real deal
Most of the people who come in contact with Brian Torchin will attest to the fact that he is the real deal. The goals he set for himself continue to expand where he uses every resource available to him. Advice to his client is always available and that could come through public speaking or from one of the many articles he has published in his blogs. There is no shortage of references from well-respected colleagues like Dr. Mayer Green who are ready to sing him praise.