Jason Hope donates to biotechnology research team

There is ongoing research on an anti-aging drug that is being carried out by a non-profit organization known as SENS Research Foundation. This organization is based in England where they have a research center. It is headed by Aubrey de Grey, one of the passionate people about solving the root cause of old age diseases. It is a fact that as we get old, we become susceptible to old age diseases. Most old age diseases are a result of the body becoming weak and no longer able to resist diseases causing microorganisms. Jason Hope helps push anti-aging efforts forward .

Another thing is that the body cells become too worn out to carry out the normal functions effectively. Mostly old age diseases come in the form of diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. These diseases can be avoided if human beings can enjoy a long healthy life. You may be 70 years old but still very healthy. Such a milestone can only be accomplished if there is an anti-aging drug that will slow down or stop the aging process. This is what de Grey and his organization are trying to do.

Jason Hope is a philanthropist who believes in the possibility of using rejuvenation biotechnology to solve the old age diseases puzzle. Although he is not a biotechnologist, he has big hopes for the success of this research. He has been supporting this foundation to realize its objectives through funding. By funding the operations of group, Jason Hope has assisted the organization to accomplish some objectives such as building a research laboratory as well as hosting the annual conference on anti-aging diseases.

Jason gave half million dollars to the organization in 2010. These funds played a huge part in the development of the organization since it had just been set up a year earlier. Jason Hope who is self-proclaimed “futurist” looks at technological trends and supports trends which he thinks will be great in the future. The anti-aging research is one of those that he has huge hopes with.

Jason Hope is optimistic about the possibilities of biotechnology. It is likely that rejuvenation medicine will bring a solution to the problems associated with old age since people will now be able to live long healthy lives. Although it is not known whether this will cause an increase in the lifespan of human beings, this is not currently a priority in research. Jason Hope is interested in the health of the people and not how long they live.

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Jason Hope Contributes to Anti-Aging Research

Earning a reputation as a futurist, Jason Hope has a huge interest in shaping the future of technology. His aim is to make predictions of where technology will go using his knowledge of internet technology and science. To him, IOT (internet of things) represents one of the biggest technological innovations for modern society. A growing number of devices are internet-connected, so IOT is here to stay and will play a huge role in how the future is shaped by technology. While he is interested in IOT, much of his interest is in the field of Anti-Aging research.

He is a part of the SENS foundation, and one of his passions is for making anti-aging research work. The SENS foundation hosts a rejuvenation biotechnology conference yearly, which is an opportunity for guests to interact with the founder Dr. Aubrey DeGrey. In 2010, Jason Hope made a huge contribution to the anti-aging research foundation of $500,000. The SENS laboratory was used to create a new research program in order to fight human aging with an aim to find cures to degenerative disease.

The SENS Foundation is developing a class of drugs aimed at treating age-related illnesses called AGE-breakers. The aim with these treatments is for them to be used to break down glycation end products (AGEs). These end products are what build up and cause the body to lose it’s ability to function with age. These types of treatments also show promise for treating patients whom have been affected by neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He holds a Bachelor of Finance degree from Arizona State University and earned an MBA from the Carey School of Business. He was able to become successful in business following his MBA degree. As a result, he has become a philanthropist as a direct result of his desire to give back to the community. He also has a diverse set of passions for the community and for others around him. He is a futurist with a growing interest in automation and technology that is being advanced by AI.

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