Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall, A Hub For Family Entertainment

Robert Santiago is a man who has redefined the standard of family fun in Brazil. At the ripe age of fifty-eight, Robert Santiago is the founder of the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall. The mall is centrally located in João Pessoa, Brazil and has become the hub for families to go to and spend some quality time. The mall is one of the biggest in the area and is equipped with some various facilities where one can spend their time.

Opening their doors in 2011, the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall believes in being the number one option for good family time entertainment. The mall is mixed with some of the best and world-class entertainment and shops to ensure that no customer is ever bored at the mall. The mall has some exquisite features, making the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall one of the most iconic malls in all of Brazil.

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Within the mall, customers have access to a wide range of shops ranging from big brands to local artisans. The mall is bound to have something for everyone, no matter what style of fashion they are into. Be it shopping for the latest trends in fashion to the newest electronics; the shops are guaranteed to make you feel like you are walking in a shopper’s paradise.

The Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall strives to be the number one destination for fun and entertainment. The mall offers some of the best entertainment facilities guaranteed to keep one occupied for hours. The mall has a state of the art bowling alley where customers can enjoy some good old fashioned family fun. The mall also doubles as a mini amusement park offering kids, and adults the thrill and fun of an amusement park. The mall even has a rollercoaster within the premises to fully captivate your experience.

The mall also offers some of the widest range of eating option guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. With a broad variety of cuisines and restaurants to choose from, the mall ensures that everyone can find their favorite food under one place. Also, the mall also has an exclusive Gourmet Space offering customers some of the best fine dining experiences. Patrons of this space can sit down and enjoy a drink and unwind in this beautiful area.

A mall would be incomplete without a movie theatre, and the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall has one of the best ones around. With eleven screens and exclusive VIP seats, the Roberto Santiago Manaíra Shopping Mall offers an all around brilliant theatre experience.


Thoughts On Smart Investing Trends In A Post Trump Economy

Timothy Armour is the CEO and Chairman of Capital Group Companies and its subsidiary companies in Los Angeles. He is an economics graduate of Middlebury College, Vermont, and an experienced portfolio manager with over 33 years’ experience in the equity investment industry.

Capital Group underwrites mutual funds, offers financial services and asset management. It is built on a strong backbone of proper research and market analysis to create innovative and balanced investment strategies that grow wealth.

Tim Armour started as an associate in the firm. He has risen to head the group with his ingenious investor engagement strategies. This puts him in the unique position of being able to do what he does best, give executive investment guidance while still “earning his keep” as an active portfolio manager. He has previously worked for American Mutual Fund and Scotia Capital.

Recently, Tim shared his thoughts on the future of global markets and investments trends to follow in light of the new administration and recovering global economies. Firstly, he believes corporate earnings will drive the future of global investment markets. The new administration is seen as being corporate friendly and likely to stimulate market growth both locally in the US and globally. Companies structured for rapid growth have a great opportunity to accelerate earnings.

Secondly, it will be important to keep an eye out for interest rates and account for expected changes. Higher interest rates are often seen as a double-edged sword. Some industries such as commodity-oriented companies and commercial banks perform better, and some are hurt. The administration is poised to keep interest rates high driving healthy inflation and growth in otherwise less active markets.

Thirdly, he sees regional economies narrowing the gap in growth rates and realizing far better returns by operating on a global platform. Around the world, Japan is looking to enhance shareholder value and consideration; better governance in Brazil will open up investment opportunities; there are highly successful global companies in Europe despite the overall negative outlook. There is an overall push for markets to collaborate and grow rapidly on a global level. The perfect opportunity for investors to also grow their assets.

Investment Banking Expounded

Martin Lustgarten likes to spread financial awareness and also educate people on ways to invest. He is also an investment banker. As an expert in investment banking, Martin has given countless public lectures on financing.

Investment banking is a specific division of banking related to the creation of capital for, governments, companies, and other entities. Investment banks underwrite new debts and equity securities for all kinds of corporations, aid sale of securities, reorganization and broker trade for institutions and private investors and assist in facilitating mergers and acquisitions. They also do provide guidance to issuers regarding issue and placement of stock.

Investment banks are usually affiliates or subsidiary of larger banking institutions. Some of the investment banks that are well known include, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Investment banks help the larger banks with more complicated financial transactions. The help that they offer includes, giving advice on how much a company is worth and how best a deal can be structured if a client is considering a merger, an acquisition or sale. Investment banks can also help customers by issuing securities as a way of raising money and also creating documents for the securities and exchange commission this is typically required when a company wants to go public.

Investment bankers are usually employed to work for investment banks and help Corporations, government, and other groups to plan or manage large projects. They also help save their clients time and money by identifying the risk associated projects before investing. Investment banks basically offer the best advice on how to best plan development.

Martin Lustgarten has been successful in investment banking. When he began his work, he started on a small level and over time he was able to create an investment empire. He has always been a motivated investor and has worked on different projects and raised billions of dollars. Lustgarten has always advised many on how to invest. Lustgarten is able to tailor his advice to suit the current state of an economy.

Investment banks can generally be described as the middle man when an investor wants to buy bonds or stocks from a company.

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