Richard Blair Advises On Wealth Solutions For Your AirBnb Rental

Renting your home as a short term vacation spot is becoming increasingly popular for realators that don’t want to assume traditional landlord responsibilities. You can earn money by using your home to host travelers. There are a few things anyone participating in AirBnb should consider while taking on this venture. Remember you’re essentially your are a hotelier of your private residence. Hackronym reported a few tips on AirBnb rentals in a recent online article with founder of Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair.

Wealth Solutions Insurance & Other Tips For Your AirBnb

1. Assume the risks of renting out your private property with an AirBnb. There are quite a few risks that you assume renting out through AirBnb including injuries, damages, lawsuits, illegal activity, and tenants that refuse to pay.

2. Most short term rentals are not covered under homeowner’s insurance. This causes you to be financially liable for expenses incurred by your guests.

3. Protection on your personal property is very important because this deters criminal activity and unwanted guests. However, if you live on the property you’re encouraged to keep a watchful eye on your guests without being intrusive.

Richard Blair offers maximum protection against your investment and business strategies. Blair’s services have been introduced to the world through Wealth Solutions. He helps his clients way their risks and review their options through unique techniques that are customized for your unique situation. Wealth Solutions has financial building solutions for high net worth individuals. His 22 years of experience has put him in the forefront of insurance securities. In response to his clients Blair has creative rental solutions as your investment manager. Wealth Solutions protects your financial investment with a tried and proven model established by Richard Blair. Get the professional results that you need to build your financial security.

Blair’s business is based in Austin, TX, but he does have international ties. To grow your finances in a competitive manner he understand his clients needs to have extensive knowledge on the fluctuation of the financial market. He continues to help his customers with reliable financial planning. Wealth Solutions includes planning for college or retirement and they help you evaluate your liabilities and assets. Richard Blair is willing to implement different financial strategy methods to meet your unique objectives or goals. Blair is committed to focusing on specific goals to help you protect or grow your overall financial outlook.

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Wealth Solutions Helps Ease The Retirement Crisis By Protecting Assets And Managing Financial Resources

There is a retirement crisis going on, and it’s getting harder to avoid it. People between the ages of 55 and 70 are not retiring like they did thirty years ago. The 2008 financial crisis put a dent in retirement savings. People that were ready to retire in 2008 lost more than 25 percent of the money they had saved for retirement, and the other factors that have developed since then are making it harder to leave work and enjoy the good life.

Wealth Solutions, the Registered Investment Advisory Firm located in Austin, Texas, offers comprehensive financial planning for people that still want to retire at an age when they can enjoy doing the things they dreamed about doing during their working years. Wealth Solutions founded Richard Blair makes sure that the retirement plan that is developed for clients is personalized, and it takes into account all the factors that can disrupt the plan. Blair is a registered investment advisor, a certified annuity specialist, a certified estate and trust specialist, a certified fund specialist and a retirement income certified professional.

There are key factors that influence retirement planning in this new age of working longer and trying to save more. The first factor that Blair and his associates address when developing a personalized retirement plan is the fact that short-term interest rates are going to stay lower than they have in decades. Certificates of deposit aren’t good retirement vehicles anymore, and they aren’t going to get better in the future. Blair uses other investment vehicles that offer people better returns for a longer period of time.

Richard Blair has been helping people and businesses plan for the future for more than 20 years. He knows there are a number of deceiving and unscrupulous salespeople in the financial planning industry. The impact of high commissions and high investment fund expenses can destroy a retirement plan. Blair makes sure people and businesses are protected when it comes to paying exorbitant expenses and commissions by offering plans that place money in investment vehicles that are low maintenance. Blair also makes sure that the fees Wealth Solution charge are in line with the returns his personalized investment plans offer.

There are other factors that can eat into retirement funds. Kids that move back home can drain retirement savings, and the typical 401K plans are not as safe as some people believe. Wealth Solutions find the right investments to growth wealth and ensure a secure retirement.

One on One With Investment Banker, Martin Lustgarten

Lustgarten Martin is a company that has been a huge financier for Venezuelan and other international companies. It helps companies make money by acting as an investment bank. Investment banking is a profession where companies, governments and individuals gain capital when investment banks provide finance solutions. The investment banking firm does a lot of services for its clients such as underwriting, acting as a financial advisor, being an intermediary for security issuance and facilitating mergers. It is involved in huge and complex financial transactions that gear the company towards capital growth. Investment banks also act as a broker between the investing public and the companies wishing to create capital. An investment bank checks the financial statements of an organization to establish what they can offer. They also publish a prospectus on the investments offered for investors to browse and take advantage of.
The overall process can be seen as complicated and a seemingly tough job, but Martin Lustgarten, an investment banker, has learnt the secrets of the trade to become a force that the whole world reckons with.Martin Lustgarten was born in Venezuela and is now in his 50s. The Austrian- Venezuelan is widely known as a businessman who also invests in other businesses. He got into the lucrative career of investment banking which has profited him greatly. By helping other organizations to get financing, he gets a share of the fortune as payment.
Mr. Lustgarten has had the unfortunate incident of being accused of money laundery using a mass of over $100M drug proceeds, a charge he was cleared of after being found innocent. At the indictment, he was accused of selling dirty money which he acquired illegally to sell to legitimate companies thus making a profit. The ploy is seen as rival plans to bring him down but Martin was able to get out of the unfortunate situation.
The lover of all things vintage also expresses his interest by selling vintage watches which he personally collects. Martin is a family man who lives in Miami with his loved ones. His hobbies, besides collecting archaic items, include juggling and skiing.
Mr. Lustgarten can be found on almost all social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, MySpace and Jigsaw. He is a man of the people and encourages personal messages when contacting him. He is related to Andrea and Claudia Lustgarten.