Eva Moskowitz: Education Giant

Eva Moskowitz is one of the most respected educational organizers in the United States. Through her founding of the Success Academy Charter Schools, she has been instrumental in many children in the New York City area receiving a top quality education.


Throughout her early life, Eva Moskowitz was always interested in education. She was raised in the Columbia University neighborhood of Manhattan and graduated from Stuyvesant High School. She then went on to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania. It was at Penn that Eva Moskowitz’s writing was criticized by a professor which would become a catalyst for her later emphasis on writing as part of Success Academy’s curriculum.


After Penn, Eva Moskowitz graduated from Johns Hopkins with a PHD in History. After an early career in teaching, Moskowitz went on to found Success Academy Charter Schools. Through this school, she has allowed access to charter schools for many in New York City.


A pioneer in education, Eva Moskowitz has used her position to implement some of her educational ideals. She has used the model of raising intellectual standards so that students at her school will raise their standards. Also, she has argued for the role of charter schools in the innovation of education, due to the fact that charter schools put the customers, which are the students, first.


Along with being an educator, Eva Moskowitz also had a political career in which she ran for Borough President and sat on the city council. She has announced her candidacy for mayor of New York City for 2017.


With an inspirational career as an educator and future that could involve being the mayor of New York, Eva Moskowitz has established herself as one of New York City’s most influential citizens. It is certain that she will be in the public eye for years to come.