Wessex Institute of Technology Promotes Global Transfer of Information

Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is an exceptional organization that serves the global scientific community. The organization is headquartered at Ashurst Lodge in the beautiful South England-based New Forest National Park. The overall goal of WIT is to come up with a series of knowledge disseminating mechanism, specifically focused on the exchange of information between researchers and professional users within the sector.

Wessex Institute achieves this ranking through a series of activities orchestrated by a committed team of employees within both the organization and its subsidiary firms. WIT has managed to establish a strong network of high profile contacts and partnerships with organizations around the world. The core activities carried out by the Wessex Institute include research, publishing, and conference.

Professor Carlos Brebbia

According to Wikipedia, Wessex Institute of Technology was founded back in 1986, after a long and a successful academic career. The organization replaced Computational Mechanics Institute established in 1981. He holds a degree in engineering from an Argentina-based University, master’s degree and a Ph.D. from the England-based Southampton University. Carlos is internationally recognized for being the inventor of the Boundary Element Method, an innovative procedure that still generates vital research work at WIT.


The Wessex Institute leads in carrying out scientific research. Universities, government agencies, and other organizations fund its research. The institute has collaboration agreements with Universita di Siena (Italy), UNUCAMP (Brazil), Universidad de Granada based in Spain, and others.

The Prigogine Medal

Every year, WIT holds a conference program to issue the Prigogine Medal. The medal was introduced in remembrance of Ilya Prigogine, who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The Prigogine Medal has been awarded on an annual basis since 2004 in partnership with the esteemed University of Siena.

The George Green Medal

The George Green Medal was first awarded at the 37th Global Conference on Boundary Elements held in 2014. This project carried out by the University of Mississippi in partnership with the Wessex Institute. George Green laid the foundation for the boundary elements through his intensive research. Although Green made an impact in the scientific community, little information is known about him. Therefore, the medal is issued annually to celebrate his work.