Queens of Drama: A Reality Show About Reality Shows

Reality shows are all the rage these days. There have been plenty of shows that have come and gone throughout the popularity of this genre. Among the shows that people have watched are Survivor, The Bachelor, and plenty of others like them. One of the recent shows that have been showing is Queens of Drama. Queens of Drama is a scripted reality show. The premise of the show centers around people who used to be stars of soap operas. They are forming a production company in order to create a new drama pilot for television. There are plenty of stars of the show like Hunter Tylo, Chrustee Pharris, and others. One star that stands out is Crystal Hunt.

Crystal Hunt plays as a fictionalized version of herself on the show. Her role has grown as the show progressed. The beginning of the show had Donna Mills play as the head of the production company. Crystal eventually grown as a character and is now clashing with Joan Collins, a British soap opera icon in later episodes.

Crystal Hunt is actually quite experienced in this genre. She has starred in “One Life to Live. The reality show, Queens of Drama is a reflection of the current climate of TV shows. Where soap operas used to dominate the popularity back in the days, the reality shows and other types of drama have taken over recently. Crystal Hunt is not only a good TV actor, but also has shown a lot of acting talent on the big screen with movies like Magic Mike XXL. She also has a lot of business skills.

Famous Birthdays wrote that Crystal Hunt had her beginning in beauty pageants at the young age of 2. She has also been the star of many commercial. Among the commercials are those for Walt Disney, and a public service announcement against drugs. She has worked with NSYNC among other bands. She has starred in Guilding Light as Lizzie Spaulding. In addition to getting involved with photography, she has won an emmy award for her role. She also had a short role on One Life to Live in which she played as Stacy Morasco. She has played on the show from 2009 until 2010. She has made a few brief appearances on the show since then.  Check out Crystal’s highlight reel for a good taste of what she offers to any role.