When Kyle Bass Attacks!

Consider CAD. CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Kyle Bass began the organization, and it’s no wonder he had the resources to do as much after his high-profile prediction that America’s stock-market would fail. Despite this prediction’s public nature bearing all the earmarks of some subtle operation, Bass’ predictions weren’t even unique. Many noticed the negative trends but didn’t have the platform to voice them. Yet Bass, an Argentinian financier relatively unknown at the time, suddenly found that platform. Bass eventually managed to get a hedge fund started in Texas, and that fund’s been performing poorly as of late. If indeed he were involved in an operation, he would need to find an additional means of funding it. That’s where CAD comes in.

CAD ostensibly decreases drug cost to help the infirm recover or maintain. In reality, Kyle Bass short-sells stock he’s got in pharmaceutical companies against which the efforts of CAD are aimed. So the drugs lose ninety-percent of their price, Bass short-sells his stock, and millions are made for him and those he may represent.

Who could the powers be whom Bass is working on behalf of? Well, UsefulStooges feels it seems like Kyle Bass may very well be with the governing body of Argentina under the administration of socialist president/despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

De Kirchner has been roundly criticized for her poor economic decisions. She’s defaulted her country twice in the span of thirteen years, and seems entirely bereft of any acumen when it comes to money or government. If Bass is indeed leagued with de Kirchner in some kind of operation, it would make sense that his financial efforts are aimed at large economic powers. Bass attacks financially and funnels the plunder into further anti-capitalistic endeavors masquerading as financial strategy. At least, that is what the facts surrounding Bass so strongly seem to implicate.

Plans within plans, and that sort of thing. When such an operation actually ends up accomplishing something successfully, it’s usually not a success that’s immediately visible. Sometimes an exterior country will push out a dictator in order to foster a group of freedom-fighters. Sometimes they’ll induct a despot to quell a cell of terrorists. If the CIA can use their finances and acumen to affect other countries, wouldn’t it make sense that other countries would likewise use means at their disposal to effect the changes they desire? If this is indeed the case, evidence will exist to demonstrate it. When one looks at the actions of Kyle Bass, it becomes apparent there may be some weight to such strange claims.