Equities First Holdings’s Main Specializaion is in the Stock-based Loans

Equities First Holdings is one of the most recognized loan providers using stocks as collateral. For you to secure a loan with the company, you must first be willing to surrender your stocks and use them as collateral. For this reason, you might have realized that working with the company is a total gain of time and money. According to the philosophy of the company, the interest rates are too minimal to be affected. For this reason, you will always secure the fast working loan and get a hedge between the loan and the intentional use of the money. For over 14 years of professional experience, the company has sought to meet the needs of their clients in a special manner. For this reason, they have developed ways through which they can attract the clients. While banks and credit-based companies have their lending capabilities tightened, they always work to meet their needs through the issuance of stock-based loans.

Equities First Holdings provides their clients with the alternative sources of finance using stocks as collateral. During the start of the financial world, the commencement saw to it that capital was gained in a manner that does not intend to develop high-end capabilities. As a matter of fact, the world has seen many working resources to the end of the era. During a harsh economic time, banks and credit-based companies have their interest rates hiked to amounts that scare away all positive applicants. For this reason, few people work to meet this need in an environment where they must be willing to develop high-end solutions. During this time, you will consider using the stocks as a way of securing capital.

For startup companies, they are always willing to secure working capital and develop their high-end capabilities. Equities First Holdings its headquarters in Indiana. Since it was incepted in 2014, it has grown to a multi-million dollar company. Its adoption in the industry has been identified to be on a massive scale. For this reason, it is now a recognized loan provider using stocks as collateral to secure a loan. Equities First Holdings has its main headquarters in the region. As a matter of fact, we might have realized that Equities First Holdings has worked to issue loans during the harsh economic climate. For this reason, you will engage yourself in a market fluctuation where working capital is inevitable. When the banks get stricter in loans, ensure you remember the services offered by Equities First Holdings.

Brad Reifler: An Entrepreneur With A Cause

Brad Reifler is the jack of all trades when it comes to entrepreneurship in the financial world. His extensive background ranges from financial services to the forex trading market. He graduated from Bowdoin College, earning a degree in Economics and Political Science. Putting that degree to good use, Brad founded the Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982, which was his very first business. With its successful specialization in global derivatives, Refco bought out the company in 2000, in which Reifler was the top trader.

Formerly, Brad was known as the chairman, CEO and founding partner of the international financial services firm, Pali Capital. This is where Wikipedia would indicate Reifler’s biggest success emerged from. He served thirteen years as Chairman and managed to sky-rocket the company’s profits to an outstanding $200 million. Reifler is currently an advisor and Forefront Advisory’s CEO. Forefront specializes in lending its expertise in commodity and forex trading. Brad Reifler also offers extensive knowledge and advice on how the everyday person can break into the investment world. Reifler does public appearances as a spokesperson for the middle-class community as well. He is showing that he is all about showing and helping others find new and better ways to financial freedom and a brighter future.

With helping others being an integral part of Reifler’s career and personality, Brad and his current company, Forefront Capital Advisors, will be partnering with Easter Seals Dixon Center to promote positive changes in the lives of veterans. This partnership includes a donation of $3 million. Easter Seals Dixon Center is focused on working locally and abroad to allow the veterans access to employment, healthcare, education, support, and training. Therefore, Forefront Capital Advisors is making it their mission to support the brave men and women of this country – as well as their families- while aiding the financial future of their client.

After serving for our country, Forefront Capital Advisors believe that financial stability is a must, to succeed in the civilian community. Collaborating with Easter Seals Dixon Center is what’s best for business and also provides the ideal opportunity to support a paramount cause.

Slyce Inc’s Financials For 2015

Overall the financials for Slyce Inc. looked very promising going into 2016, their 2015 report concerning the revenue increase from 2014 to 2015 was indeed very significant. There was an overall increase of 1784 percent in a one year cycle from October 31st of 2014 to October 31st of 2015. The total revenue for 2014 was at $89,803 and for 2015 at $1,692,292. The recurring revenue is thanks to the integration and deployment of new clients. This is allowing for the expansion of the percentage of total revenue.

The operating expenses have gone up over the last year due to the increase in operations at Slyce Inc. This was primarily due to increased sales as well as acquisitions and marketing initiatives. The operating expenses for 2014 were $6,900,310 and in 2015 rose to $11,639,430.

The Net Loss however has been reduced over the year from $17,576,576 in 2014 to $12,069,466 in 2015.

The total comprehensive loss for 2014 was $17,578,347. This is $0.29 loss per share on a total quantity of 60 million shares compared to 2015 which saw a total comprehensive loss of $12,065,685. This is $0.09 loss per share on a total quantity of 129 million shares.

Other expenses, loss before amortization as well as share based payments came to a total of $6,810,507 in 2014 compared to $9,947,138 for 2015. This was due to a number of factors including the expansion of Slyce Inc.

Slyce Inc is based in Toronto Canada and have since their inception focused on providing a powerful sales channel for major retailers and their client base. Allowing for the capturing of pictures of items and then using those images within a search allows for convenient engagement by the customer with the retailer.