The Business Of Lime Crime

Dying your hair pink or blue may just be the beginning of your new makeover. Although, you would have to go a lot further if you want to enhance your look; which will allow you to stand out. So you have to make sure your makeup goes with that new look. This is where Lime Crime’s Hairspiration comes into play. It’s the go to online spot for people who chose to take that bold step. Here you will find lipstick, and eye shadows that are based on the color of your hair.

The company may have had some negative publicity awhile back. But, the people who truly believe in the products stayed, still buying the products to enhance their beauty. On the Hairspiration site fans will post their hair and makeup looks. This offers a way for other customers to see what they will look like, if their skin shade is similar. This move is quite a boost for Lime Crime.

For the Eyes, the company has palettes with names like Wicked Venus Bundle, Venus Grunge and Venus 2. The newest line for the eyes is called “Metallic Eyes, which is activate with water to form into a gel. It comes in different shades, with each telling a different story. The lips has it own line too. Names such as Blue Milk, Citreuse, Quill and so much more are priced not to break your budget. All of the products are definitely certified cruelty fee and vegan.

Besides their website,Lime Crime Cosmetics can be found at and, Urban Outfitters which is located through out the United States also carry their brands. The company pride it self on having a top notched on line security system, to make you shopping safe and quite enjoyable for it’s customers. Doe Deere the company’s founder is a strong supporter of animal rescue groups. Donating thousands of dollars to those causes. She also supports women and children who are in need, places for battered women, many after school programs in Los Angeles, the Red Cross and numerous other places.  Check out their Twitter to get involved in the makeup fun, or their Facebook feed for current news.

Doe Deere Explains:When it Comes to Fashion Rules are Made to be Broken

When it comes to successful female entrepreneurs, Doe Deere ranks high among those deemed most driven and most inventive, especially when in the e-commerce fashion and cosmetics arena. With well over 300,000 Instagram followers, her colorful, quirky brand “LimeCrime” has exploded since its inception in 2008 as a %100 vegan, cruelty free alternative for young fashionistas – not to mention saturating the market with bright hues and bold mystical colors which have laid the foundation for her eclectic and exuberant brand of style. The Russian born Doe Deere, started her fashion and cosmetics enterprise as a one man show, doing all her own make-up and modeling her own self-created fashions, creating a facial recognition brand akin to what Lady Gaga is to pop music culture.

In a recent online article, Ms. Deere spoke about her views on fashion and why she believes her brand has been successful in setting itself apart from the pack. From her point of view, to be individually fashion-minded, one must consider fashion rules as suggestions, as jumping off or starting positions in creating your own look, and not to be considered as hard, steadfast rules.

Some rules Doe Deere insists on as being doable, when done the right way, even though they go against the grain of traditional fashion pundits include – wearing both bold eye and lip colors; creating a jazzy color-mix ensemble with coordinating color combinations; mixing patterns together to create one flawless outfit; wearing socks with open toe shoes; and totally dispelling the cliche, “You should dress your age,” especially when it comes to hem lengths or “youthful shades”.

As a businesswoman, artist and fashion designer, Doe Deere is leaving her vivid yet poignant mark on fashion history. Presently only thirty-five years old, Doe is an avid fashion blogger where she is generous with many how to articles to guide any woman into a successful and classy application of her colorful fashion style. Her first venture actually was a simple eBay site. The site’s name popped into her head based on her favorite bright color, and since then she has stayed true to creating an internet based cosmetics firm, even though many felt it wouldn’t succeed. Well, that theory has been laid to rest!

Doe Deere at PHAMExpo