Sentient AI – Multi-variate Testing

AI is the new buzzword in the computer science world, and this includes those with web entities of most kind. AI is touted as the game changing event for all things digital and marketing is ubiquitous in all things digital, just as commercials are for television. However, the AI revolution would be more like as if the television commercial could instantly be tailored to your specific needs and wants. In addition, as these attitudes change in people, the system would simply adjust and again, virtually instantly, and this is why it is termed intelligent. Beyond the myriad ways that artificial intelligence will change the world, it will also revolutionize marketing. Additionally, people of the television age very rarely like commercials with the exception of the spectacle surrounding large events like sports and entertainment, and the commercials that are made specifically for targeting the large viewing audiences that these events produce.

However, the generation that has grown up in the digital world only dislike those digital advertisements that do not fit them, and in fact, encourage those that do. Conversely, a large majority of these consumers feel that they are not receiving advertisements targeted to their likes and needs. Because of AI’s ability to intelligently learn what this generation would like in an advertising, the possibility to market effectively is boundless. One of the most effective uses of AI in the marketing realms is its ability to operate multivariate testing.

This simply means that advertisement campaigns can not only be personalized with artificial intelligence capacities, but individualized marketing campaigns can then be broken down into multiple micro campaigns to utilize the information gained by its personalization abilities. The current model only analyzes certain goals in marketing campaigns, and when they determine that these cursory goals have been met, the campaign proceeds with limited analysis. This method is not only expensive, it wastes a lot of opportunity to convert customers that would normally simply be lost in the shuffle. Multi variate testing considers the audience’s age, their gender, their location, and even the multiple devices they use. Feats like this are impossible for human marketers and especially across the wide range of consumers using the Web everyday. This audience can be broken down and compared to other groups with AI technology in subsections like females between the ages of 20 and 22 that use their tablets versus their laptops on any given day. Marketers, imagine the possibilities? Learn more about Sentient at