Beneful Packs Big Goodness Into Small Bites Dog Food

Full of goodness, that’s what Beneful translate into. Beneful dog food creates several style of foods from a grain free variety, a specially formulated puppy nugget, and perfectly proportioned IncrediBites for toy and small breed dogs.

When considering the needs of tiny dogs, Beneful and Nestle Purina worked with a team of animal nutritionist to create a 100% nutritionally complete dog food that was also miniature in size. They managed to pack the proper vitamins, minerals, and protein into a small space. Smaller pups have smaller teeth and mouths, so they require nuggets that will fit into their little mouths.

These power packed nutritional nuggets come in a variety of flavors to please the most fussy of eaters. Incredibites wet dog food comes in traditional beef, classic chicken or for fisher lover, salmon. All the proteins are chopped and combine with tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice.

Beneful continues to created full-of-goodness food for all the dogs they get to serve from big to small.

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Shopping for and getting the best deal on Beneful Dog food at walmart

Beneful dog food has now become the fourth most popular dog food in the United States. With such a high degree of success, Walmart stores around the country have begun to stock more Beneful products, all at the same low Walmart prices.

The simplest method is using manufacturer’s coupons. Beneful, owned by Purina regularly issues money-saving coupons in local newspapers. Those who do not subscribe to the local newspaper can get coupons for Beneful at their website Currently, Purina is offering $3 off their new “Simple recipe” grain-free dog food. Finally, Walmart offers their own coupons at

Shoppers aren’t limited to a single coupon per visit, only a single coupon per item. This means I can pay to stock up if you have coupons from many sources all the same time. Even without coupons Beneful dog food is healthy and sells for under a dollar per pound, making it a great buy with or without coupons. To watch video click here.