Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Promote Charitable Giving

Bob Reina is absolutely a person who is very motivated to get things done. He does not just build on the work of others. Reina is known for his innovative strategies. As the founder of Talk Fusion, a top online all-purpose marketing service, Reina launched visionary strategies to include videos inside the text of an email. Online marketing took a very sharp and unique turn after Reina came up with this idea.


As successful as the company has been commercially, it has also been highly successful from a charitable standpoint. Bob Reina and Talk Fusion work very hard of supporting charitable causes. Excerpts of a recent interview with Reina were weaved into an article published on “Your Mark on the World.” Reina noted that his company has an outright responsibility to help others. He and Talk Fusion are doing a lot to meet those responsibilities. Read more at about Bob Reina.


The charitable giving performed by the company is vast. The Humane Society of Tampa is one of the recipients of funds from Talk Fusion. An orphanage in Indonesia is another recipient. The giving nature of this company definitely allows it to stand out from many other companies in the same industry.


Talk Fusion has an “Associate’s Program” in which entrepreneurs help sell the company’s varied services. In addition to video email, Talk Fusion offers award-winning video chat, live meeting, and various other marketing endeavors. Entrepreneurs can earn a solid commission from the sales of these service. They can also donate a portion of their earning automatically to the company’s charitable programs.


Talk Fusion Wins Another Award for Innovative Communications Solutions

This year Talk Fusion made it big again, winning an award for yet another innovative solution for communications. Found and CEO Bob Reina created a cross-communication platform that has been sweeping the world with it’s ease of use and answer to multiple issues in communications today. Their core product, Video Chat was the winner in the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award from the Technology Marketing Corporation.

This award wasn’t their only one this year, as this was their second award to exemplify their excellence in all things communications. Voice, data, and the revolutionary products they create put them heads above their competitors, and it gives them the edge in the communications industry. The reason for the award is to encourage continued growth and development. The addition of their new technology, the WebRTC technology is what helped them get nominated and certainly it has helped them to achieve their goal this year of winning two awards for their innovative ideas and teamwork.

Rich Tehrani, the CEO of TMC had much to say about this award and his pride in giving the award to the most deserving company. Tehrani stated that “It gives me great pleasure to honor the recipients of the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year.” He also went on to talk about the fact that he is able to recognize the cream of the crop and all true leaders in the communications industry through the award and what it stands for. Follow Talk Fusion on YouTube and Facebook.

Reina said that he believes that his IT team is ahead of the curve, and they will continue to stay dedicated to the marketplace and creating more innovative products as the years go on. Reina started Talk Fusion nine years ago in order to solve a problem he faced when attempting to send an email to his mother that was a rather large file. Reina most likely never imagined that his company would grow so quickly.

Darius Fisher Entrepreneur of Good Reputation

Darius Fisher is someone who is very passionate about keeping a good reputation. In fact, being an entrepreneur, he is very aware of the need for a great reputation in order to succeed as a business owner. If there is a major attack, then this could ruin his business as well as his career. He makes sure that he not only keeps his clients satisfied, but also stands up to shady characters. He is also one of the most active philanthropists who gives to his community. Being a generous person who is doing everything he can to improve the lives of others is sure to help bring forth a better reputation to others.

Darius Fisher has built such a good reputation for himself and his business that he was named the Business Development Individual of the Year. It is only fitting that he would get that award because his business involves helping businesses succeed. He is someone that deals with online reputation management. He is very experienced with everything that it takes to rebuild a good reputation. He has worked with other clients and businesses. He has even worked on his own business when it got hit with a crisis.

Darius Fisher has worked on various crises with clients. Not all of them were the result of bad reviews. Some of them involved a potentially dangerous situation when someone got doxxed. A lot of personal information was made public. As a result, the client was vulnerable to being harassed offline as well as online. Fortunately, Darius Fisher was able to take the steps needed to remove the contents so that she could breathe. There are plenty of other projects that he has been a part of which gave second chances. Darius Fisher has made sure that his clients not only got their businesses back on track, but also on a path to greater success.

The World Is Talking About Talk Fusion

The popular saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. While Talk Fusion is just recently getting notice on the online community as a revolutionary new video chat software–currently it’s number one in the global market–its rise to success has been happening for the last nine years. Though it seems as though the app just came out recently, the reality is that nearly a decade of solid work has gone into its construction.

So what is Talk Fusion, exactly? Well, it’s a high definition video chat application which uses proprietary technology whose patent is pending. Talk Fusion works so well that it has become the number one video chat application throughout Indonesia. In Japan it is the fifth most popular video chat app, and in Switzerland it clocks in at number twenty. But as previously stated, globally it is the number one app.

Talk Fusion has provided marketing solutions to roughly 140 separate countries in the nine years since the company’s inception. Founder and CEO Bob Reina is concerned about the global community. Specifically: he’s concerned about bettering it. It’s his prerogative to bring affordable, high-definition technology to as many people as possible. This is probably one of the reasons Talk Fusion has a thirty day free trial attached to it that requires no credit card information.

That may seem suspect to some, but the DSA (Direct Selling Association) has given their prestigious honors to Talk Fusion, as the group makes the DSA proud. Furthermore, the program features multi-platform support. Whether or not you’re using a Macintosh computer, a Windows tablet, an Android smartphone, or some device with a third-party operating system, Talk Fusion has been designed to work with your tech.

Finally, Talk Fusion regularly donates to animal charities and has a specific concentration in developing global communities through the interaction of family and friends. Video chat software is something most people the world over have dreamed about since before Johnny Quest had a communicator watch in the sixties. Now even better technology is a global reality, and it looks a lot more streamlined than anyone ever expected.