Pick A Few Lessons from Bridget Scarr; Writer & Executive Producer

Bridget Scarr wears many hats. Besides being a writer and creative producer, she is also a singer-songwriter. As the Executive Producer at Colibri Studios, Bridget Scarr is the head of content development, strategy as well as partnerships. Her role entails the daily development and enhanced collaboration with international broadcasters, creative talent and project partners to come up with ideas and ensure their implementation.


Bridget Scarr loves to develop compelling content for many different platforms. She produces content for television, digital platforms, virtual and augmented reality, as well as for interactive exhibition. Over the years, Scarr has attracted an enormous audience that identifies with her projects both at intellectual and emotional levels.


Her love for all forms of content is built on the belief that it has the power to alter mindsets and promptly transform the world. She believes that creativity is a dominant force and can at times be used as a change agent. She terms creativity as her savior (alongside her partner and son) explaining that it got her out of despair. Bridget believes that creativity gave her a personal outlet, a space for fun, and the liberty to express herself.


In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Bridget Scarr revealed a few things about herself. When asked about Colibri Studios, she said that it was born out of her desire to find a home for her ideation. In her previous career as a TV producer, she mostly dwelled on bringing the ideas of other people to life. When she came up with Colibri, she was desperately in need of a career shift and transition. She feels home at Colibri Studios. It is the single most places where all her ideas come to life – irrespective of the nature of the content.


Bridget Scarr begins her day with meditation. Besides getting her energized, it helps her to stay focused throughout the day. She then takes a light breakfast with her family, before making a brief commute to the office. She dedicates three hours (9-12) to research and development of original content. She then heads home, relaxes and also reads industry news. She usually enjoy lunch with her family every day because it gives them an opportunity to spend quality time together.


From 2 pm, she follows up on emails with sales agents and co-producers, reads a book, watches TV or looks for some alternative project inspiration. In the evening, Bridget and her partner take their son for a walk and spend some time playing in the park, before having a light dinner. Upon tucking him in bed, she either gets back to work or watches a new TV series after which she takes a meditative bath, and then heads to bed.


If she were to advise her younger self, she would insist on the importance of eliminating fear, trusting one’s journey, and believing in oneself and God-given gifts. She emphasizes the importance of people being grateful for everything they have and appreciating their loved ones. She treasures the beauty of meditation, being free and loving unconditionally.


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