Whitney Wolfe’s Achievement in Women Social Networking

An American entrepreneur, Whitney Wolfe was born in 1989. Whitney Wolfe leads one of the popular social networking apps across the globe known as Bumble. She is the Chief Executive officer. In 2014, Whitney launched the first ever dating platform. It became the first app that women are expected to make the first move. She has worked to see her vision of building Bumble as the female social network, enabling women to connect with people they have not met before. Connect with Whitney Wolfe by visiting her linkedin account.

Bumble, unlike other dating platforms, offered women more control. Within a year, the app had hit 50 million and above unique conversations as well as 80 million matches. By 2017, Bumble had more than 22 million users. In the business insider, Wolfe was named one of the significant women in “30 under 30“. Two years later, she became one of the best Elle”s Women in Tech. In 2017, she was listed in 15 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch Out. She has severally appeared on Forbes’ covers.

Bumble has become an empire and is valued at $1 billion. Within a period of four years, Whitney’s vision made Bumble grow exponentially. Bumble BFF was launched; an outgrowth for creating platonic friends. She has also launched Bumble Bizz, intended for finding business connections. Wolfe believes that you can only be as happy as your last or least relationship.

Whitney Wolfe has been included in the board of directors, as a non-voting member of Imagine Entertainment. According to Grazer, the chairman of the board, Whitney is an original thinker, a visionary and a strong entrepreneur who has a passion for empowered community. She was seen as an integral resource Imagine Entertainment would need for growth. The board of directors believed that she will bring not only relevancy but a fresh viewpoint to the company.

Whitney Wolfe has a passion to empower women. The reason why she established Bubble was that how partners in a heterosexual relationship are expected to interact is dynamic. Failure to consider that has ended up with dysfunctional relationships, leaving the parties involved hurting.

Whitney confessed that she has anxiety problems. She worries about everything, thinking of the possibilities of bad things happening to close people. When she founded Bumble, she pretty much had self-doubt, people criticized her work. Articles meant to discourage the work kept flowing her way.

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Felipe Montoro Jens views on partnerships between the government and the private sector

Felipe Montoro Jens is a renowned expert in the Brazilian finance industry. He is primarily recognized through his engagement in the steering of several infrastructure projects in the country as well as the provision of his consultancy expertise in various Brazilian projects. He has engaged in advising businesses on private sectors to partner with the government in order to improve Brazil’s economy. Because of these roles, he has become even more famous in the recent years. Visit infomoney.com to learn more.

His career as a financial advisor

Felipe Montoro Jens had previously worked in the structured finance and project development area. Then, he was working at Enel Group S.P.A. where he had the privilege of providing his services to several companies and professionals including Paulo Oliveira De Melo and Luciano NitriGuidolin. Because of his experience, he got appointed the chairman of the Board of Directors at Concessionaire do Centro Administrative do Distrito Federal S.A. He later became appointed the Braskem S.A director, a position he held till 2013. Through the years, he has been appreciated for being a good leader and a talented financial advisor.

His report on the IDB meeting

During an IDB meeting held in Argentina, Felipe Montoro Jens highlighted that government partnership with the private sector is a very important move that must be highly regarded. He stressed the need to adopt mechanisms which would help leverage private investments on the Latin American infrastructure projects. Felipe Montoro Jens emphasized that currently, the continent is constrained by the convergence of infrastructure and lack of proper inter-nation connectivity. As such, by reinforcing policies that enhance gender equality and environmental sustainability, many infrastructure programs would be generated which would enhance several public-private partnerships.

His words were echoed by the other meeting attendees like the Minister for Planning, Development, and Management who asserted that Latin America has over the years witnessed an increase in the number of PPP projects which are valued at $360 billion. With an increase in such partnerships, the ministry is confident that Brazil will experience tremendous growth in the next few years. It is obvious that there would be better investment reports with the involvement of Felipe Montoro Jens in the PPP programs. Check: http://www.consultasocio.com/q/sa/felipe-montoro-jens


Susan McGalla An Inspiration for Women Who Wants to Move Forward in Their Career

There are a few women in the business field who has been successful. There are a lot of reasons why women hold themselves back from being successful in their careers. There is also the problem of unequal pay and fewer opportunities for growth that make it difficult for women to move forward. But, there are also others who inspire others and have become a big name in the corporate world. Many women are holding the top positions such as Susan McGalla. She is a role model for women who want to achieve success.

Susan McGalla is the Director of the Strategic Planning and Growth for the large company the Pittsburgh Steelers. Also, she also runs her consulting business P3 Executive Consulting LLC that is based out of Pittsburgh. She started her career in the retail business working for Joseph Home Company for many years where she learned the business trade. After working there for over eight years from 1986 till 1994, she got a lucrative offer from American Eagle Outfitters. Here, she was the Divisional Merchandise Buyer for the Women’s clothing. Susan McGalla quickly climbed the ladders and was also the President of the company and it’s CMO. She was the one who was responsible for the launch of their 77kids and the aerie brands.

Susan McGalla resigned from American Eagle in 2009 and started her own consulting business. She is also on the board of the HFF Inc. she grew up with two brothers, and it is the reason why she never gave up and has always been competitive. She went to the Mount Union College and had a bachelor’s degree and Business and Marketing. She is also a part of the Board of Advisors for the same college. Susan McGalla wants to inspire women around the world to work hard to achieve their dreams.

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Whitney Wolfe Is A Philanthropist First And Then A Businesswoman

Whitney Wolfe is known as the successful businesswoman of Bumble. However, when one looks back at her career, they will find that Bumble was not the first business that she has started. As a matter of fact, she has run a series of businesses before Bumble. To top it off, they were not made for the purpose of making money. She has put together businesses for causes like standing against human trafficking and other causes. She has always had a heart for helping people, and it works well for her when she is working on a business. Bumble is another company that is made with the purpose of supporting a cause.

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Whitney Wolfe has started off by creating tote bags for the sole purpose of helping to at least raise awareness for the oil spill. One thing that she has done was use the brown pelican as a symbol for one of the species that are most vulnerable to the oil spill. This business has turned out to be a success. For one thing, it has given awareness to an issue that was very important to people at the time. She has also successfully raised money to contribute to the efforts to sell oil.

The next business was selling clothing. Whitney Wolfe has called her company The Tender Heart. This was an effort to raise awareness towards issues such as human trafficking. She has also decided to help people learn about the idea of fair trade. Then she eventually started Tinder as co founder. Afterwards, she has started Bumble with the purpose of empowering women. One thing that Whitney Wolfe is aware of is that anyone can be oppressed. She wants the people that have been oppressed to overcome their struggles and build a positive future for themselves so that future generations can benefit.

Search more about Whitney Wolfe: https://techcrunch.com/2018/05/13/whitney-wolfe-herd-bumbles-founder-doesnt-care-what-shes-supposed-to-do/

Louis Chênevert Talks Teamwork

Louis Chênevert retired from United Technologies Corporation in November of 2014. He started with the company in March 2006 as a director before becoming the CEO and President in April 2008 and then in January 2010 a chairman. Before becoming a director at UTC, he held the position of President at Pratt & Whitney from 1999 until March 2006. The 14 years prior to Pratt & Whitney were spent at General Motors where he held the position of Production General Manager at their St. Therese location.

Louis Chênevert received his bachelor’s degree at the Universite de Montreal in production management. Louis Chênevert has been an American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics fellow since being inducted in 2005. In 2011, the University of Montreal presented Louis Chênevert with an Honorary Doctorate. Recently, in 2017, he began serving the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation as the Chairman.

Some of the reasons Louis Chênevert believes he has managed to achieve success as an entrepreneur are his ability to retain strong focus, his passion, optimism, and the fact that he has no problem spending as much time as he needs pushing his agenda in order to accomplish his goals. He also knows the importance of teamwork when it comes to achieving success and he makes sure to surround himself with winners and people who are as driven as himself. By making sure he is around people who want to succeed as well as making sure his teammates have whatever they need to accomplish their goals, he and his businesses are able to deliver on their promises to their customers.

While employed as a first line supervisor at a General Motors plant, he learned how important it was to listen to the people at the company. Louis Chênevert thinks that most people want to make a difference, but management won’t take the time to listen to their ideas. In order to obtain success, Louis Chênevert believes you must have a good team and know how to work together successfully.


Robert Ivy Honored With Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

On April 11, 2018, Robert Ivy was awarded the Noel Polk Award for a lifetime of achievements. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters organization presented his award. For Robert Ivy, it is the first time that an architect received such honors. The Award generally is given to Mississippi patrons and artists with a lifetime commitment of having performed, created, or supported art in its various forms.

As such, Robert Ivy joins the ranks of a handful of Mississippians honored with the same Award. Other Mississippi recipients include actor Morgan Freeman, writer Eudora Welty, writer Shelby Foote to name several. Robert Ivy has long sought to make architecture more accessible to people. He is currently the CEO of the American Institute of Architects. He writes, edits, and continues to practice architecture.

Robert Ivy has also helped to advance AIA’s global footprint. It now has the highest membership level since being founded 160 years ago. Many American architects are making a considerable impact around the world. This is due to a number of AIA chapters in countries like China and Canada. Ivy has a vision that is helping propel his industry forward. Tomorrow’s architects will have to engage on so many new levels. Global warming is an impending consideration, and buildings of tomorrow must be designed in a different manner with climate change in mind.

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Robert Ivy stands out among architects who absolutely commit to making buildings more accessible to the general public health. As such, architects will also design buildings with an occupant’s health in mind. Community will continue to be a major consideration in how buildings and structures are designed.

Looking at Ivy’s lifelong commitment to architecture and its advancement, it is not hard to see why he was chosen for the award. Ivy earned his English degree from Sewanee; the University of the South. He also received his Master of Architectural degree from Tulane University, and was a naval officer before becoming an architect. He is also an author of a biography.

Robert Ivy is a solid example of what education, experience, and vision can accomplish. It is also important to note that people like Ivy do not look for rewards. They are simply committed to a cause they are willing to pursue for an entire lifetime.

Check more about Robert Ivy: http://www.architectmagazine.com/awards/robert-ivy-receives-noel-polk-lifetime-achievement-award_o

Investment Advisor Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen was born in 1947 in Brazil. He attended engineering college in 1965. He did his engineer course at Parama’s Federal University. At that moment, the federal university of Parama was the only college offering engineering course. After studying engineering for two years, Igor decided to study economics at the federal university. Igor graduated in 1970 and started working at the investment bank.

Igor Cornelsen believes in five principles for any business to be healthy. The first principle is to evaluate an organizational culture’s strength. This principle calls for all organizations to objectively assess their current cultures. This estimation helps in knowing the rank of the leadership and how employees think about the same leadership. The second principle is to have a future vision for the company. A future vision propels employees to go an extra mile to achieve it. The vision must be convincing and achievable.

The third principle is to create a company strategy. A good strategy will lead to many positive changes within an organization. It is a good strategy that is responsible for a change in company’s culture. The fourth principle involves communicating the values. It is necessary to always communicate the company vision and values to employees so that they never forget them. The fifth and last principle is monitoring and making necessary adjustments. Developing a business culture is a journey that requires constant View ireport.cnn to know more.

Currently, Igor Cornelsen is an investments advisor. According to Igor Cornelsen, banks need to plan effectively to escape any storm. He believes experience over years helps in understanding what measures to lay down to manage risks. Investors need more confidence with governments. Thus, governments should bring in forms that are market-oriented as well as fiscal austerity. Mr. Cornelsen has served in many successful organizations in Brazil. He has held high positions in the banking sector offering counsel on investment. After retiring in 2010, Igor is now a consultant and focuses on the stock market. He became part of Bainbridge Investment Inc. in 2011. Bainbridge Investment Inc. intends to determine incredible approaches to utilize the stock market for future consumption. Igor has been a significant leader in Brazil’s banking sector before moving to south Florida. For more information, visit:https://ideamensch.com/igor-cornelsen/


Passion Driven Whitney Wolfe Journey to Success

Whitney Wolfe is a young American technology guru who has invested her life in the development of dating apps. She has been recognized for great efforts towards making sure that she achieves in her career and have always wanted to make it in life. Furthermore, she is always interested in the welfare of other humans and has been a great person with a lot of respect in the sector. She has been on the frontline making sure that her dreams of becoming the leading and one of the wealthiest women across the world come to reality. She is always passionate about achieving in her great career and has always wanted to make in life.

As a great woman in the tech industry, she was recognized as top 30 under 30 by a business insider in the year 2014. She later in the year 2016 got recognized by Elle’s as one of the gurus and experts in technology. Recently in 2017, Forbes has recognized her as one of 2017 top 30 under 30. This has made her get a lot of recognition in the industry and her motive is nothing else but success. Her mission is to create a better dating environment through advanced technology.

Whitney Wolfe is the active founder of Bumble and also the main co-founder of Tinder. The two companies are among the most successful companies in the world. Tinder is the most popular company across the globe while Bumble is in position 4. They have been able to grow to greater levels because of the efforts she applied. She founded Bumble immediately she had left Tinder. She has encountered a lot of challenges in her journey and has been on the frontline making sure that she achieves in terms of technology. BumbleBFF is a vertical that she later established which has been able to attract so many people in the industry. She is always passionate about making her company the leader in the industry.

Whitney Wolfe partnered with Badoo CEO in order to make bumble the best in the industry. The app currently has more than 20 million users who continue to work towards making it the leader in the industry and have always wanted to be the industry giants. She was also a great contributor to the marketing of the famous Tinder. In fact, she has got no experience regarding app development but possesses great academic skills in terms of development and marketing. She was able to market the company to all the students in the industry.

Learn More: fortune.com/2017/11/14/bumble-dating-app/

Why Businesses Choose José Henrique Borghi for Their Advertising Needs

If you are considering advertising in Brazil, you need to contact José Henrique Borghi. Choosing a reputable and experienced advertising consultant to handle your advertising and promotions, will improve your chances of getting great results.

Every day, millions of websites and advertisements appear on the Internet, each fighting to gain attention of prospects. There is fierce competition in the online world as well as in the offline business arena. You need to get advertising agency professionals to help you get your business noticed. That’s where José Henrique Borghi comes in.

José Henrique Borghi is well versed in various advertising and marketing services and is a clear choice for any organization or entrepreneur who wants to achieve great results and grow their business. He can handle all of your company’s marketing and advertising tasks for you, from planning and research to implementation and campaign management.

José Henrique Borghi has been in the advertising business for many years and knows what to do to get the best result in your situation. He is good at motivating prospects to action, and he knows how to grab the attention of the target audience.

Without hiring the services of José Henrique Borghi, you’ll find it extremely difficult convincing your prospects and potential customers to respond to your offers. José Henrique Borghi on Facebook.

And before hiring an agency or marketing consultant to handle your promotions, it is important to review the terms and conditions of service and be sure you are fully aware of what you are agreeing to.

When you’re ready to hire an ad agency to advise you and help you reach your goal, contact José Henrique Borghi and the advertising specialists at his ad agency, Mullen Lowe, and you will certainly be delighted with the returns on your investment.

Learn more about him: http://exame.abril.com.br/negocios/dino/jose-borghi-e-um-dos-publicitarios-mais-influentes-do-brasil-shtml/

Free Movies Now Available to the Residents of NJ Courtesy of Boraie and Provident Bank

The residents of New Jersey will enjoy free movies for the summer of 2016. The movies will be showing at the State Theater. According to Anna Marie, who is the theater’s Vice President of Development & Strategic Partnerships, the theater is very happy to bring back the free summer movie program. The six movies that will be airing in the state of Art Theater will expand the theater reach to the community. Approximately 7,000 people will enjoy the free movies. The movies will steer the theater program of providing family friendly and affordable entertainment to the residents of New Jersey.

The movies are sponsored by Boraie Development in conjunction with Provident Bank Development. In a report by Yahoo, the two sponsors have made it possible for families, different groups of friends and the youth to spend some quality time together at the premier 1921 movie place. According to Hiam Boraie, who is the vice president of Boraie development, the company is proud to be part of the people giving the residents of New Jersey a chance to watch movies in the historic theater. According to Jane Kurek, who is the executive director of Provident Bank, they too are delighted to be part of the program.

The aid movies that will be showing throughout the summer of 2016 include: Frozen, which will be showing on July 12; E.T or the Extra Terrestrial, showing on July 19; Babe, showing on August,2; Despicable Me; airing on July 26; Aladdin, on August 16; and the Monsters University, airing on August 9. The movies will be airing at 10.30 am and 7.00 pm on the respective days as indicated.

Once in the movie theater, you will have a chance to sit down stairs or on the balcony to enjoy the movies like a star. The theater is a full HD digital cinema projection theater with a digital surround system. The facility uses all the latest technology. The theater is an 1850 seater hall that presents live performances besides movies.

Boraie Development, which according to the Wall Street Journal is one of the sponsors of the free summer movies, is a real estate company that is based in New Brunswick, NJ. The company is known for delivering excellent services to its clients. This is possible because Boraie partners with reliable banks and architects who have a unique eye when it comes to design.

Boraie Development is one of the major contributors to today’s state of New Jersey. It has built luxurious hotels and apartments, which have been likened to the luxurious houses in Manhattan, NY. The company still looks forward to building commercial buildings near the train station on Albany Street. Read more about Boraie Development on centraljerseyworkingmoms.com.



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