Barbara Stokes shines in women leadership

Climate change is happening, and at rapid speed, countries across the globe are experiencing extreme weather conditions each dawning day. When floods occur, lives are changed and property lost. Barbara Stokes is a businesswoman and the CEO at Green Structure Homes; Green Structure Homes aims at assisting families after disasters strike, they pride themselves in the construction of quality and sturdy houses. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

The company also works with other non-governmental organizations, and they are focused on ensuring that their construction services are detailed as well as effective. Barbara Stokes founded the company together with her husband. This is after she identified that she desired to make a difference in society and make a difference in people’s lives.

Barbara Stokes acquired her degree in physics and biomedical engineering from Mercer University, while still studying Barbara also did short courses that helped her improve her management skills as well as manufacturing. Her strong background has played a crucial part in her role as the CEO at Green Structure Homes. Read this article at

As a leader one would want to know how she can bring her ideas to life, according to Barbara working with her talented team of designers and engineers help her actualize her plans, she works closely with her team. They also ensure that the idea will make the homes safer, Barbara’s core value is to ensure people benefit fully from her services and thus focuses on details to ensure that the concept is safe.

Women have over the years been seen in leadership positions more, and this is one trend that excites Barbara, Barbara Stokes is happy to see more women in leadership. However despite being a leader. Barbara emphasizes the importance of family and says it is always important to spend time with her family.

In addition to being an exceptional businesswoman, Barbara is also a mother of three kids and is married to Scott Stokes, and the couple closely works together to make a difference in the society. Barbara is a perfect example of a mother and wife who has made it in her career; she has managed to strike a balance between her family and work, and this is an admirable trait. As more women get into leadership positions, Barbara stokes is a good role model.

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