How Dr. Mark Mofid Has Enhanced The Surgical Industry

Dr. Mark Mofid is California based plastic surgeon. Dr. Mofid has been certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Mofid is known for the unique procedures that he does on his patients. Dr. Mofid is regarded by his peers as one of the best doctors in his field.

Dr. Mofid received his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University. He continued his studies at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Dr. Mofid is a member of the University of California, San Diego’s Division of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Mofid also belongs to the American College of Surgeons. His work has been featured in The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal. Dr. Mofid primarily works at several hospitals throughout San Diego. With his easy going disposition, Dr. Mofid strives to make every patient’s surgical experience as pleasant as possible.

Dr. Mofid primarily assists with gluteal augmentation procedures. Dr. Mofid strives to change the negative perception concerning these procedures. Dr. Mofid is known for his conservative approach. He only adds intramuscular implants. Dr. Mofid refuses to perform a larger than necessary procedure on any of his patients.

Dr. Mofid created a unique gluteal implant that provided easier intramuscular positioning. He studied under Raul Gonzalez, a Brazilian plastic surgeon who performed thousands of innovative surgeries. Gonzalez predicts that implant surgeries will continue to rise throughout the United States.

Dr. Mofid expects the demand to rise because of the substantial changes in technique. There is more emphasis on the aesthetics of a procedure. Dr. Mofid is looking at using a-cellular dermal matrix products to assist with his procedures. He is also a fan of the use of bio-inductables, which Dr. Mofid heels enhances breast reconstruction. Dr. Mofid has created a new video that explains how the Seri scaffold can stop dilatation. The synthetic meshes can assist with breast reconstruction procedures, as well as abdominal wall reinforcement and hernia repairs.

Anthony Petrello’s Business and Philanthropic Drive

Nabors Industries is one of the bright spots in today’s gas and oil drilling industries. They are a global leader in providing the best and most innovative drilling equipment. They are currently operating in over 20 countries across the globe and continue to grow their market share.

The company owns the largest land based drilling fleet in the world. They also provide the latest innovative drilling technology on the market and are known for constantly keeping up with that technology. This continual innovation in drilling technology has earned Nabors the reputation for being on the cutting edge. They provide equipment for land drilling, off shore drilling, vertical drilling, specialty rigs and technology equipment. They also manufacture and sell drilling related equipment that includes catwalks, draw works and wrenches.

To be a leader in the oil and gas drilling industry you have to consistently be on your toes. One man who is known for that particular skill set is CEO of Nabors Industries Anthony Petrello.

Anthony, or Tony, Petrello is currently not only the Chief Executive Officer but the Chairman of the Board and the President of the company. Prior to earning these prestigious titles, he held many other leadership positions at Nabors.

When he gained his first position with Nabors in 1991 it was to work as part of the Executive Committee of the Board. From 1991 to 2011 he held the positions of President and Chief Operating Officer as well as earning the position of Deputy Chairman in 2003. He took on the title of Chief Executive Officer in 2011.

By holding these prominent leadership positions for such a long duration Anthony Petrello has carved out the path for Nabors’ success in such a niche industry. He currently also serves as a strategic planning consult for other members of the leadership team. In this role, he puts his skill set of business development to use.

Anthony Petrello also uses his business development skills to help other businesses. He is a director for oil drilling equipment manufacturers Stewart & Stevenson LLC as well as Hilcorp Energy Company.

Petrello is not only passionate about business but is also a very well known philanthropist in Houston. While he is involved with many charities and sits on multiple boards, his main focus is working with Texas Children’s Hospital’s research in neurological conditions in children. He and his family have donated $7 million toward neurological research and care and he sits on the Hospital’s board of directors.

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Investing in Innovation and People Are Louis R. Chênevert’s Priorities

Louis R. Chênevert is a Canadian businessman, as well as former Chairman and CEO of UTC (United Technologies Corporation). He was fueled early on when he pursued his education at HEC Motréal, where he earned his bachelor of commerce degree in production management. He later went on to receive his doctorate honoris causa from that same school in 2011.

Chênevert has had a few marvelous careers between his graduation and his most recent advancement in his career when he became the Exclusive Advisor in the Merchant Banks in September of 2015. He was also employed with several other reputable and profitable companies such as Pratt & Whitney (6 years), General Motors (14 Years) and, of course, as the CEO of UTC Corp.

In his career, he was the recipient of the Honor Award that was awarded to him from the National Building Museum back in 2009. During his time at United Technologies Corporation, he earned a total compensation of over $22 million dollars, which was a combined total of his base salary, bonuses, stocks, grant options and misc. compensations.

Before departing UTC, Chênevert was approached by one of his employees and asked him what he would be his legacy there. Chênevert admitted that was a very difficult question, as he always strived to leave the companies he worked with better off when he left than when he had started there. After boiling the thought a bit he finally came to the self-conclusion that it would be that people are the key ingredient to success. People and innovation are what has made UTC thrive as a company. This is what has allowed Chênevert’s success with UTC. Several companies became casualties but UTC managed to not only survive but thrive as a company.

The best example that Chênevert came up with to demonstrate his point was to mention the Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan engine which was on demonstration at Capital Hill last week. The GTF engine was a $10 billion design that struggled through 20 years to create the technology that would help the jet engine industry. The new design reduced fuel consumption by 16%, emissions fell by 50%, and the noise level was dramatically decreased by 75%. Today it is used by several different airlines on their own line of aircraft.

UTC is no different. This has helped fuel the demand for new talent. UTC plans on hiring 25,000 people in the U.S. Innovation not only helps your own business, as the example in the GTC demonstrated it helps grow to various industries as well. Investments are important, but they can only take you a certain distance. Innovation makes up for the rest. UTC plans on continuing it strong and competitive values to help guarantee a growth and help to create a great economy in this competitive world.

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Bob Reina Wants This Life For You

It might sound cliche, but that is only because it is true: people only get one chance at life. Because of this fact, they need to make sure they are getting the most out of every day they are alive and breathing on this planet. If not, it is a wasted day. That is where Talk Fusion and Bob Reina come in, as they have a product that is truly out of this world ( It offers video newsletters, video conferences, video chats, and video emails. All of this is designed to give people the life they have always wanted and to get their business headed in the right direction and moving in the right path.


By having these state of the art products and the fact they are an award-winning company, it shows that someone like Bob Reina is looking out for the greater good. He is not a selfish person. He is humble but confident, which is a hard balance to pull off in life. When a company has won two awards in 2016 and had a decade of success, it could be very easy for them to get a big head and act like they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. From reading the interview with Bob Reina, it is clear that his head is on straight.


All of the success has not given him an ego and it has not given him the mentality of he is the best thing going today. In fact, he talked about looking for the next big thing. He has that hunger and that drive. He sees that in other companies that use Talk Fusion and all of their voice, data, and chat services ( . These are people that are looking for more out of life, and they will not settle for anything less than that.


Every person on the planet is a person of value, and they deserve to have their own life on their own terms. When they use Talk Fusion, that is no longer just a pipe dream. That is their real-life each morning they get out of bed and every night when they hit their head hits the pillow.


José Henrique Borghi Works Speaks for His Dedication towards the Advertising Industry

José Henrique Borghi is among the top advertisers that Brazil has ever seen. Starting his career in the year 1989 when most people were unaware of such as a career. He first began working in an advertising agency with the name of Standard Ogilvy. He then moved on to work for some companies learning new skills and gaining experience. Some of the advertising agencies he worked for during this time are Leo Burnett, FCB, Talent, and DM9/DDB. It was in the year 2002 that he had an idea of starting his own company. He along with one of his colleague and friend, Erh Ray started their own company with the name of BorghiErh. After four years, they decided to expand their horizon and merged with ad agency Lowe in the year 2006 and was renamed, Mullen Lowe. José Henrique Borghi became the co-CEO of the newly developed company and is working towards its success in the Brazillian advertising industry.

José Henrique Borghi has more than 25 years in the industry and has many successful ad campaigns to his name. Among the many, one of the top ones is the campaign he created for Parmalat that spoke about the prejudices that the society holds against people with Down’s syndrome. Some other campaigns included Kellogg, Procter, Electrolux, Unilever, Honda and many more. It was because of his hard work that he won many awards for himself. For him, these awards are a meant to motivate him further to work hard for his clients and create campaigns for them that make a difference.

Apart from loving his work and profession, he enjoys indulging in fitness activities and keeping fit. He is often seen commuting to his workplace in the bike. He is also an active participant in the Ironman events and has taken part in more than 12 such events.

Talk Fusion Receives some more Recognition from the Industry

Technology has a reputation for moving at a rather fast pace. It seems like revolutionary new devices are constantly appearing and changing how people look at the world. But while the average person can appreciate technology, they’re usually unaware of just how much effort has gone into it. That’s one of the reasons why industry awards are so important. It’s a chance for people on the outside to see what the experts think of new trends and technologies. And when a company receives multiple awards from something as auspicious as the Technology Marketing Corporation, it’s clear that they’re worth some extra consideration. This is one of many reasons why so many eyes have turned toward Talk Fusion. The company has been impressing customers with their service, and the industry itself with their technological achievements. The multiple industry awards showcase just how impressive these achievements are.

But to understand what’s so special about Talk Fusion one needs to first look at the state of things in 2007. It’s the year Talk Fusion came into being, and it’s also marked by the environment which necessitated it. Talk Fusion came about as a solution to a highly fragmented market. Computers and especially smart phones had made the leap from novelty to necessity in most people’s lives. People were also finding themselves locked in to the whims of service providers, operating systems and specific brands of hardware. A standard phone can connect with any other phone. But a smartphone will usually have features that are specific to that particular brand. Smartphones from different companies can usually do the same impressive feats of multimedia. But they do it in ways that simply aren’t compatible with each other. People today are often surprised to hear how long it took for the majority of phones to even support embedding photos into a text message.

Talk Fusion saw the fragmentation problem, and had a solution. They created a whole new WebRTC based multimedia framework. This instantly took the burden of multimedia support off of someone’s hardware and onto the Talk Fusion system itself. Talk Fusion was able to essentially create a technological bridge between the vast majority of different computers, phones and tablets. Not only that, but Talk Fusion also created a whole software suite to make content creation even easier. Anyone can sign up for an account with Talk Fusion and almost instantly figure out how to send multimedia based email. It’s not just that Talk Fusion unified the telecommunications landscape. It’s that they were able to do so while also making it easier to use.

Tony Petrello Heads Up Industry Specific Organization Viewed–by Experts–of Attaining Gain

Many industry analysts and stock experts are predicting that Nabors Industries will do well this year. One very good reason, that Nabors Industries stock is bound to climb a bit, is due to the extra-ordinary strategy provided by Anthony Petrello. His stratagem is what guarantees results are forthcoming: and assures that Nabors Industries, Ltd., moves reasonably forward now and in the years to come.

He assures stakeholder dividends are delivered by leveraging services. He makes certain, product technology, and upgrades, remain second-to-none. The preceding is obviously required, due to trends within the growth of the economy. Nabors Industries, Ltd., is predicted, by industry analysts, to continue to lead; and provide a far superior financial position than other similar companies, within the oil and gas industry.

Tony Petrello is quite, apt, in the way of decision-making. He acquired a favorable Ivy League education; and has worked at an international legal firm, and Nabors Industries., Ltd.

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He leverages services, by working with other oil and gas company service providers. His ideology is to assure a high standard of excellence, at a reasonable price, for the client.

His boundless leadership skill is due to his academic training at the Harvard Law School. He additionally was Managing Partner of Baker McKenzie. He is Director of several companies, part of the oil and gas industries. He makes use of a dynamic track record in order to assure that Nabors Industries, Ltd., customers and shareholders, worldwide, receive the best in associative value. The preceding is what sets Nabors Industries, Ltd., apart, from other similar oil and gas services and equipment providers.

The Jericho Network Welcomes “Beyond the Darkness”

The Jericho Network will be welcoming a new, spookier, show among its ranks soon as Norman Pattiz announced in December, “Beyond the Darkness” will be coming to the Monday line-up. Chris Jericho, head of the Jericho Network and WWE star, is thrilled to be welcoming the hosts of this new supernatural podcast, Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, as they discuss mysterious and miraculous topics with leading researchers and experts, including everything from angels to monster encounters. The Jericho network is part of the PodcastOne company, founded by current Executive Chairman Norman Pattiz, who is proud of how well the network has evolved under Jericho’s care.


Norman Pattiz himself began his career in the seventies with the creation of his radio network, Westwood One, which is now recognized as the largest in the broadcasting industry. It covers almost all of the most highly recognized sources of sports, entertainment and news broadcasting and was the stepping-stone to Pattiz’ large and industrious career. He is also responsible for several other broadcasting ventures, one of which reaching all the countries in the Middle East. Pattiz has served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors and as a Chairman of the Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. Within his broadcasting career, he has been graced with several awards, among some, The Freedom of Speech Award and the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting.


The close of his time with Westwood One gave way to the world of podcasts when he first met Podcast Representative Kit Gray. Upon discussion with Gray, Pattiz realized how closely the world of radio resembled the digital world of podcasts. In June 2016, he launched PodcastOne and PodcastOne Sales, which quickly rose to be leaders in podcast marketing and sales. With the small nature of the company, Pattiz does not have a typical day but instead embraces the diversity necessary to get everything done. He has had to let go of his paradigm that in order to succeed you must only learn your trade and has accepted that the information flows so freely that anyone can be an expert. In fact, the information flows so freely, it has created more of a democratic system between PodcastOnce and its consumers, where they alone can quickly determine the success of a program. Instead of feeling hindered or stressed, Pattiz loves this democratic trend and is excited to see what the future has in store for Podcast One.

Andy Wirth: A Man “Wirth” Knowing

Andrew “Andy” Wirth is the founder, owner, and current CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, a ski resort located in Olympic Valley, California, with a goal of transforming his resort into on of the top ski areas in the world. In addition to running Squaw Valley Ski, Wirth is also actively involved in the development of airports linked to other resorts and tourist destinations all over the United States, and was elected Chairman of the Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC) of the greater Lake Tahoe area on January 12, 2016.

In addition to his work in many resorts, including his own, Andy Wirth has also made increasing efforts to preserve the environment of the greater Lake Tahoe area, including the building of community and environmental service organizations in which people of all ages in the area can be actively involved.

Wirth appeared on Season 4, episode 11 of the reality television series “Undercover Boss” where he climbed to the top of the cliff with one of his employees, while also training as a ski patrol, and learned the dangers of the jobs they do and the struggles some of his employees face in their personal lives.

Wirth is also the co-founder of an Ironman team called “Wounded Warrior Support” that raises money for the Navy SEAL Foundation and their efforts of providing shelter and employment for NAVY soldiers upon returning home from the military. Wirth created the team as a response to an accident he suffered which nearly cost him his life during a skydiving trip. He says he then recognized the dangerous situations many people put themselves though in their professions, and is doing his best not to take his own position of power for granted.

Eric Pulier Has A Talent For Technology And Innovation

Eric Pulier is known for many things today and is a recognized entrepreneur, innovator, author, and philanthropist, not to mention a man dedicated to his family. Part of his dedication to working hard and achieving success is providing a better future and world for his kids. He has become an expert at mixing his technological skills with business and starting up his own companies, all of which have turned out to have some form of success for him and helping others. This has allowed Eric to make a different in many difference to both the business world and the community. Since Eric was very young he has always had a strong interest in technology, working with computers and building his first one when he was just 9. It was this passion for technology that would ultimately grow and find him a place in the world. After Eric finished his academics by completing his studies at Harvard University, Eric got working on his entrepreneurial ideas.

It was during this time that Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles, California where he would begin his career and start fulfilling his desire to help others and be a successful businessman. He went on to create his first business, People Doing Things, which was dedicated to finding solutions for complex issues in healthcare. Today, Eric has managed to create or found more than a dozen different companies, which have generated hundreds of millions worth of revenue. Eric also believes in the need for failure, because it is through failure that one learns to get better and improve on their mistakes. All people who are successful in business have experienced failure at some point.

The amount of success Eric has achieved has had him in both the public and private business sectors. today, Eric Pulier is dedicated to helping people be better informed and make better decisions in business. Eric wants to help people and improve on situations all over the world, not just for himself and others out there, but for his family as well. In the Future, Eric will continue to be part of many philanthropic activities by involvement of technology.