Livio Bisterzo, Hippeas CEO

Livio Bisterzo is the founder and CEO of Green Park Brands Inc. He founded this company back in April of 2015. He started his entrepreneurial adventures in college, but found his calling with his company Green Park Brands Inc. This company creates healthy and nutritional foods that are rapidly growing within the health food network. Their focus is to make items that are better for you.

Livio is an Italian entrepreneur that began his entrepreneurial work in 2013 when he created an events business. He eventually partnered with RNA Corporation to create a skincare line for men’s grooming. Even though the line was successful, Livio Bisterzo left the business in 2010 to invest in a start-up beverage business called Little Miracles. The beverage was a hit and grew rapidly while winning several awards.

After relocating his family to Los Angeles Bisterzo founded Green Park Holdings in 2015. Green Park’s first brand is called Hippeas. This came out in April 2016 and is a range of organic chickpea puffs. These organic snacks were inspired by the original hippie era, but updated to appeal to the health-conscious millennial consumers. The brand is meant to taste good and be good for you. They also have a mantra of ‘Peas Love & Giving Back’. This is meant to appeal to the millennials and let them know that for every pack that is sold they will be giving to the farmers of Eastern Africa. They are trying to help these farmers grow themselves out of poverty.

Bisterzo is considered a serial entrepreneur. He has helped create several companies and left them to go create more companies. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children. Before all of his success, Bisterzo studied at the University of the Arts in London. After founding an events business, he created a business portfolio that had everything from hospitality work to consumer brands. Bisterzo seems to have always known what he was meant to do.

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Julia Jackson Continues Her Family’s Proud Tradition of Winemaking

Julia Jackson has been interested in winemaking since her childhood involvement with the family business. She can well remember picking and sorting grapes in the blazing sun while listening to her father extol the virtues of hard work. However, it wasn’t just something she endured, there was genuine interest there as well.


Julia attended Scripps College in Claremont, California where she received a bachelor of arts degree. She then completed a certificate program from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In her lifelong experience with winemaking and tasting, Julia puts forth one interesting observation about wine from Sonoma. One that she considers superlative is Sonoma Cabernet. Despite the fact that Sonoma has a reputation for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Watching her mother excel as a winemaker and in business in general, has inspired Julia to found an organization called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. They celebrate the strength and leadership that women often provide. The organization awards $100,000 in grants to nonprofit groups annually. Overcoming adversity and celebrating strong, female leaders are prime considerations. Other core values are equality and community.

The Carmel Road brand from Jackson Family Wines is produced in Monterey, California. The brand was founded in 1999 and is known for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The uniqueness is provided by the Panorama Vineyard. The wines it produces are noted for their aromatics and complexity. Julia Jackson is well positioned to help continue to grow her family’s business.

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Bob Reina Wants This Life For You

It might sound cliche, but that is only because it is true: people only get one chance at life. Because of this fact, they need to make sure they are getting the most out of every day they are alive and breathing on this planet. If not, it is a wasted day. That is where Talk Fusion and Bob Reina come in, as they have a product that is truly out of this world ( It offers video newsletters, video conferences, video chats, and video emails. All of this is designed to give people the life they have always wanted and to get their business headed in the right direction and moving in the right path.


By having these state of the art products and the fact they are an award-winning company, it shows that someone like Bob Reina is looking out for the greater good. He is not a selfish person. He is humble but confident, which is a hard balance to pull off in life. When a company has won two awards in 2016 and had a decade of success, it could be very easy for them to get a big head and act like they are the greatest thing since sliced bread. From reading the interview with Bob Reina, it is clear that his head is on straight.


All of the success has not given him an ego and it has not given him the mentality of he is the best thing going today. In fact, he talked about looking for the next big thing. He has that hunger and that drive. He sees that in other companies that use Talk Fusion and all of their voice, data, and chat services ( . These are people that are looking for more out of life, and they will not settle for anything less than that.


Every person on the planet is a person of value, and they deserve to have their own life on their own terms. When they use Talk Fusion, that is no longer just a pipe dream. That is their real-life each morning they get out of bed and every night when they hit their head hits the pillow.


Jason Halpern & The Success of JMH Real Estate Development

Real Estate is one of the most popular and profitable industries today. Being such a universal field, real estate developers are used all over the world building homes, buildings, hotels, businesses, etc. Have you ever heard of Jason Halpern? If you haven’t heard the just know that this guy is a managing partner and founder for one of the best real estate development firms in the nation. JMH Development is the name and creating works of art is the game. JMH Development specializes in innovative luxurious properties such as commercial and residential projects. This is a family owned business with more than 50 years of experience in the game. Jason Halpern is a third generation developer who has been around the industry for years, which has helped him build a firm structure to work with.

This exclusive firm has done projects all across the nation especially on the East Coast in affluent markets such as Miami Beach, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and other areas. One of his most recent projects was the Aloft South Beach Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. Being more of an historic area, JMH preserved it’s beautiful art deco architecture and classic brick walls. This hotel is huge and has 235 rooms, gym training facility, conference room, bars, and a really great view.

Another great reason that sets Halpern apart from his peers is that he has a firm knowledge base of historic/classical area. He definitely does his homework before starting a project and his resume is a true testament of his success. After later being The Gates Hotel South Beach Hotel, (JMH) sold the property for $105 Million to Rockpoint Group Real Estate Company.

jason halpern

Halpern and JMH Development has a long successful resume of building in and around historic sites which has given him the “keys to the city” in-a-sense. Halpern also does things by the book by studying the craft from due diligence, building design, construction, and strategy. Jason, His Family, and JMH Development play a huge role in their very own community as well by sponsoring charities, giving donations, and hosting events. The firm has donated over $20,000 to help finance water schemes in Ethiopia as well as Nepal. You won’t find too many other individuals or real estate firms willing to go that extra mile to help others and this is why the guy is in a class of his own. The future looks pretty good for JHM Development and with Jason Halpern steering the ship, this firm will continue to excel well into the future.

jason halpern

Texas residents benefit from charity events sponsored by donor experts

Highland Capital Management collaborates with the Dallas Foundation to reform the lifestyles of Texas communities. James Dondero who is the co-founder and the president of the Highland Capital Management agreed to partner with Mary Jalonick. Mary is the president and chief executive officer of The Dallas Foundation and works hand in hand with her team of philanthropic and donor service experts.

Highland Capital Management was seeking a partner to help manage $ 3 million which was meant for annual philanthropic budget and as a result, the search settled on the Dallas Foundation.

Jim clearly states that they selected the Dallas Foundation since it is an organization with an excellent reputation and is deeply incorporated with the Northern Texas affairs. The company also has a proven history of incredible achievements in the nonprofit community.

The two leaders classified primary strategies for charitable giving events that would be significant and crucial to the Texas community. As a result of the Highland, Dallas Foundation Inc. was formed as a supporting organization of the Dallas Foundation. The newly formed group is expected to be bold and aspirational.

James has been a supporter of various projects in Dallas including education and healthcare initiatives. Hence working with the Dallas Foundation gives him a chance to expand his philanthropic engagements at different civic organizations including the Dallas Zoo among others.

Jim and the Dallas Foundation hired Linda Owen who exclusively works on Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. programs. Linda Owen formerly served as the president and chief executive officer at Woodall Rogers Park Foundation Inc. Linda’s grindstone is to help connect Jim’s vision with nonprofit partners to establish a quality lifestyle for Texas residents.

Dondero has over 30 years’ experience in equity markets and credits; he highly focuses on distressed investing. The company offers oriented credit solutions to institutions and also retails investors globally.

Jim is also a Dallas-based advisor, and he is highly experienced in alternative investments. Jim practices in charitable operations and giving back to the community events. Jim pretentiously gives back to his local community in bulk and collaborates with the civic organizations and nonprofit partners.


Amazing Information about the Technology Staffing Professional and Diversant LLC Principal, John Goullet

John Goullet is the Principal of Diversant LLC where he has served for six years. He graduated with bachelors and masters from Ursinus College after which he began his career as an IT consultant before switching to an IT staffing account executive. He worked in some IT companies including Lyndhurst and TSR Consultant among others. In 1994, John Goullet founded Info Technologies Inc. and became the CEO. His main specialty includes Information Technology and Information Systems Staffing. They also do Web solutions, quality assurance of systems, infrastructure support, application development, and project management among others. He has vast experience in the changing trends in the IT staffing sector.

Info Technologies is a staffing company that concentrated in understanding the corporate world and adjusting their services to meet their client’s preferences. He grew his company’s portfolio to $30 million within five years, which earned it a top 10 position in the Inc. Magazine’s rankings of the top 500 fastest growing businesses in U.S. Their number one client was the Fortune 500 firms in the United States. In 2010, Diversant Inc. purchased Info Technologies that formed the Diversant LLC. Together they expanded their presence in the market and led the development of new solutions.

Diversant LLC is a staffing company in the US that is African- American owned. The company offers services such as innovative diversity solutions, IT staffing augmentation, and direct hire. It also collaborates with their customers in solving critical problems that affect them. They have a team of well-vetted experts who work in meeting the various needs of the firm and every professional serve within his area of expertise. Divergent LLC has full certification as a Minority Business Enterprise provider with the goal of providing different innovative solutions to the clients.

Goullet has numerous ventures in IT, and he is passionate in meeting all the challenges in the industry. He encourages teamwork to receive good results. His success in the past and current enterprises has earned the position of a leader in the IT sector. Under his leadership and other executives, the Diversant LLC has emerged as one of the top staffing companies in U.S.

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Diversant LLC and John Goullet Provides Cutting-Edge IT Staffing Services and Solutions

Image Recognition Technology: The Future is Now


While the phrase image recognition technology may be unfamiliar, chances are, you are already acquainted with the functionality. Although the term can evoke a vision of a postmodern world run by computers, in actuality, image recognition software has been invading our everyday life for years in ways we don’t always think about. Image recognition technology works to identify objects, people, locations, brands, and anything else that have value to users. The advent of smartphones and tablets, equipped with cameras, has provided the platform for this technology to rapidly advance. Chances are, your day-to-day life is full of interactions with image recognition software at work.

Have you experienced Facebook suggesting a tag in a photo? Maybe you have used your phone to scan a QR code at the grocery store. Perhaps you drive a car equipped with a reversing camera or similar safety feature. These are all everyday examples of image recognition technology implementations.

Use cases and demand for the technology is expanding at an almost explosive rate. The technology is at the core of the features for which we rely on our mobile and wearable technology. Apps like Google Shopper let you snap an image of compare prices. TVtak allows you to identify the show you are watching by pointing your device’s camera at the television screen. Any and all of the various augmented reality applications rely on image recognition. Industry experts forecast the market for image recognition technology to reach nearly 30 billion dollars by 2020.

One of the companies leading the way is Slyce visual search. Based in Toronto, Canada, Slyce, Inc. is a visual search and recognition company, with a focus on product recognition. The company launched their proprietary image recognition technology in 2013, and quickly established themselves as the technology partner for larger retailers. Their range of offerings includes Snap-to-Buy, Snap-to-List, Snap-to-Coupon and Snap-to-Discover app capabilities. Slyce, Inc. works with six of the top 20 U.S.-based retailers, including American Eagle Outfitters and Neiman Marcus. They are publicly traded as SLC on the TSX Venture Exchange Market.

Bob Reina Changes The Video Communication Industry

Talk Fusion is hailed as the all in one video communication solution that allows the user to virtually cover all aspects of video marketing with a single software bundle. This has not been possible till now thanks to the innovation by the Talk Fusion team and the vision of Bob Reina. It all started prior to 2007 when Bob Reina tried to send a video clip to a friend via the email platform only to realize that embedding the video was not possible. This set the ball rolling and has since evolved into a 4 product suite that can be downloaded via the Talk Fusion website and tested for a trial period of 30 days.

Video communication has evolved in to the preferred method of communication for many users around the globe. This is very evident when looking at the popularity of certain video platforms. Video has allowed for a message to contain a lot more than a few simple words. When a user wants to communicate with his customers they can simply take a quick clip, assign a template and post it to all. These few steps take minutes and therefore is possibly the quickest way to talk to a customer base from a business perspective. Individuals can also use the software on a personal basis but all the features remain the same.

When looking at the cost of the Talk Fusion basic option the one time fee is $175 or $20 per month. This comes with a single account and allows the user to store up to 1000 emails. The videos that the user can create with the basic option are up to 5 min in length. One step up from the basic package costs $375 and offers similar features however there are an additional 3 accounts as well as many more templates, branding capabilities and up to 10 min video creation. Email accounts can be added for additional cost but features of the software are plentiful across the board with all options. Customers can tailor their specific requirements.

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What is Sands Brothers and Co. And Laidlaw Up To?

Sands Brothers & Company is a private company formed by Stephen and Martin stands in 1990. Its company is a brokerage firm that primarily focuses on Wealthy investors. Recently there’s been a scandal involving multiple arbitrations. There are reports that their attorneys had stated to Plaintiff that if they did not settle for a lower amount that Sands Brothers & Company May default on the settlement. The firm is trying to appeal some of those decisions through the courts and is using that as a delay. Sands and Brothers have discontinued their brokerage business but have continued in other sectors. Questions still arise as to whether or not individuals awarded settlements will receive the funds owed to them. Many have settled for the lower settlement amount but if you have fought in court and have been awarded the full amount of the original suit against the company.Their fears from previous clients that they will not get their settlement money because Sands brothers and companies may move its money to Laidlaw. It appears as though Laidlaw & Company is owned by the same people that owned Sands Brothers. They even share the same home address at Park Avenue.

Relmada Therapeutics Files Amended Complaint Against Laidlaw and Its Principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern
Laidlaw & Company have been doing business for many years and have a pretty spotless reputation.
However being linked to the Sands Brothers & Company and their financial and investment discrepancies give this company a black eye. I am assuming that the professionals that have worked in this industry for many years have good reason to assume that Sands Brothers & Company will place their company’s funds into the Laidlaw company so that the money is not accessible to those awarded settlement. Laidlaw and Company are spearheaded by CEO Matthew Eitner and managing partner James Ahern. Both have been involved in lawsuits regarding the possible deception of information to clients and mismanagement of funds. I think there is a good reason for those awarded a settlement to fear their money will not be seen.

Network Solutions Company Hires New CEO


There is a new leader at Coriant. The network solutions company had announced the hiring of Shaygan Kheradpir as its new Chief Executive Officer. Kheradpir is no stranger to Coriant. In 2015, he developed a close relationship with several of the company’s managers while an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. A release from Coriant refers to Kheradpir as an “astute leader” with a diverse background in the fields of business and technology. Coriant officials said Kheradpir has the ability to grow the company at a time when there is a high demand for data intensive end user applications.

Kheradpir was born in London, England in 1960. He earned degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University before working in GTE’s network routing and managing department. He eventually worked his way up to CEO. He also served as CEO of the Global Retail Business at Barclays Bank, and helped expand telecommunications and automation services while working at Verizon Wireless. Kheradpir serves on the boards of Cornell University’s Engineering Council and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Kheradpir has patented many new technologies in the media and telecommunications field. He also helped to develop the Pingit software that aids in mobile payments. In all, Kheradpir almost 30 years of executive management experience under his belt.

Coriant specializes in developing networking solutions for its clients. They boast 500 customers worldwide and have annual revenues of over $1 billion. They have two headquarters, one in Naperville, Illinois, USA, the other in Munich, Germany.