Flavio Maluf Is The Brains Behind Eucatex

When Flavio Maluf entered in the Fundacao Armando Penteado Foundation, he didn’t know what he would look alike after finishing school. He pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering in the Sao Paulo-based University. He graduated with the highest honors. He went to the United States of America and pursued a certification in Business Administration and got an opportunity to work at the University of New York. In 1987, he was admitted to work as an intern in Eucatex. He served as a diligent worker and pursued his interests in management skills. He was very exceptional in service. For this reason, he had a lovely time rising in the ranks of the administration of the company. During his trajectory, he worked in different parts of the production line in the enterprise. For the company works mates, they did not get surprised when he was elected the president of the company due to his high-end management skills.

The community appreciates the significant role played by the company to conserve the environment. In 1990, the country was going through significant changes. During this time, caring about the environment wasn’t a major issue. However, the company has walked hand-in-hand with the government and major world organizations that foster environmental conservation. This is the only company that has the interests of the people at heart. According to research, Eucatex was ranked as an environmental conservative company in the world. The company has seen great opportunities in business ever since it was incepted in 1950 in Brazil. They use Eucalyptus trees to make themselves the necessary components to build the world. For the company, engaging in activities that promote environmental conservation is their business. For this reason, they won tenders supplying furniture and tiles to the European Market. They have expanded their portfolio of services through these activities.

Maluf is not a normal businessman. However, he is a highly-skilled entrepreneur. He spots every opportunity in the environment that yields success and business. His company has cultivated large tracts of eucalyptus trees in the country. Most of his offices use solar energy to run their daily business. Their factories engage in recycling waste materials. For this reason, they have the lowest emissions in the country.