Music for Autism Awareness

Autism Rocks is organizing a major event in Dubai in April this year. In order to mark the Autism Awareness Month, the association is planning a family day. The range of activities planned for the day include golf, petting zoos, face painting and camel rides. To top it all, there will be performances by two international rappers. The good news is that to enjoy all this, you only need to pay a small price.


Autism is a condition which affects someone’s ability to develop social relationships. It also affects their communication skills. Autism has been known for being a lifelong disability that makes the person develop unusually narrow yet strong interests. It is also characterized by repetitive behavior. People suffering from autism can lead a relatively normal and independent life but some may need specialist care and support.


When talking about autism, one cannot ignore the fact that there needs to be awareness around the area. There are many people suffering from autism and they are treated differently. This is the main reason why there are initiatives such as Autism Rocks to create awareness and encourage research in the area. It is with this in mind that Sanjay Shah decided to start an association called Autism Rocks.


Sanjay Shah, a British born philanthropist, has keen interest and passion for music. His son, whom he loves dearly, was diagnosed with autism when he was four years old. This is what inspired him to come up with the association. He began by organizing a music event and inviting performers. The performance was held in London. So far, Sanjay Shah has invited Drake, Prince and even Lenny Kravitz.


This year, Sanjay has decided to take Autism Rocks to Dubai. On his performance list is Tyga and Flo-rida. The two rappers are not new to the Dubai scene. In fact, they have performed there before. The event will be held at the Autism Rocks Arena at the Dubai Outlet Mall. It is organized by 117 Live, the team which is organizing Nicki MInaj’s performance in March. The tickets are going for 50 AED and there are many activities planned for everyone. Check out this YouTube video of Sanjay to get a better feel for what he’s all about.