New CEO Comes To Award-Winning San Luis Obispo Assisted Living Facility


The Manse on Marsh, a premier assisted living facility in San Luis Obispo, CA has recently announced the arrival of a new CEO. PRWeb announces that this new CEO is Farron Bernhardt, a man whose been in the assisted living development profession for a long time. He was formerly the vice president of the Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development’s assisted living division, and served on several other development boards prior to that. This San Luis Obispo community he is joining is The Manse on Marsh, the recent recipient of the Caring Star award, given out to senior communities that meet its 5-star review criteria. Bernhardt is honored to be the new leader of the team, and wants to continue the direction that Manse on Marsh has been heading in with its excellent care service.


The Manse on Marsh is a place that many families have come to trust when they need to send elderly loved ones to a new home. Usually seniors come to places like Manse on Marsh if they are physically unable to perform certain daily tasks, or don’t have family members nearby. Probably the most difficult part of this stage in their lives is when they start feeling more isolated or lonely, and when they come to an assisted living center they not only receive physical help, but also become part of a community. They’re able to engage in social activities while at the same time still maintaining a certain level of independence, and usually with the help of kind staff they’re able to adjust to their new surroundings.


The Manse on Marsh works to make sure all tenants are given a place as much like their own home as possible, providing amenities such as cable TV, internet access, housing complete with kitchens, and room service and housekeeping to go along with it. They also employ qualified staff including chefs and cooks to provide some of the finest meals, as well as resident assistants and activities planners to provide structure. Visitors and family members of occupants are always welcome to come visit and stay overnight even, and pets are also given care by the staff. Find them on Google +, and read the in depth interview from Senior Housing.