Jon Urbana’s Blog Never Ceases to Be Great for Photo Art

Jon Urbana’s blog is a lot different than most blogs. Lengthy prose is not found on the blog, and the entries are much more visual in nature. Jon Urbana, a former professional lacrosse player who founded a yearly summer camp called Next Level Lacrosse, where Urbana coaches and mentors high school athletes, does enjoy the arts. Photo arts appears to be his favorite. Urbana’s variety of tweets reflects this love for all things visual.

Urbana is also one of the most active members of the Denver charity scene. Jon supports entities like Earth Force and ARAS. Read more on about his work with ARAS.

Ripe Red Cherries on a Black Wooden Background” is a title that tells all thanks to its descriptive nature. The actual artistry of the photo has to be viewed to be fully appreciated. The way the cherries appear in the foreground is mesmerizing. The contrast between the bright red cherries and other items in the frame is stunning. This image reflects some of the best work on Jon Urbana’s blog.

Cocoa in Cup” is a lot simpler in design, but no less artistically brilliant. Anyone who checks out this particular image may not only be impressed by the artistry, the person might end up being motivated to pick up some cocoa on the next trip to a store.

Jon’s photography videos are commonly posted on the blog. The videos usually have a nice mix of music and visual splendor. Promotional videos are not usually presented on the blog, but “Nike by Spacetime” is not so much promotional as it is artistically relevant. The music on the short video is accompanied by a collage of images on Jon’s that truly capture the pop cultural brilliance of the Nike brand. Despite the short running time, Urbana’s Tumblr posts can have a great impact on the viewer.

Urbana is an esteemed airplane pilot and recently got written up in the Aviation Business Gazette (FAA Recognizes Jon Urbana). You can see footage of him in flight at

Coffee” is not an image designed to promote the actual coffee as much as the cups and other items in which the coffee is served. The cups and pots appear to be made of brass, and they are impressive. The dark, lack of lighting in the photo does bring out an interesting degree of ambiance.

Sometimes, an unfinished product is worth checking out. “Ingredients and Equipment for Dough” presents wheat flour, egg, cream, and more in a deliciously sloppy manner. The process of making dough can be a fun one, and the various ingredients do make for nice photo art.